The Quarterly Report

Everyone is always talking about their quarterly reports, so I figured that Under The Table should have one too, except less boring and more delicious. So here’s a roundup of 14 tasty new Portland face-stuffing destinations that have opened in the last fiscal quarter, give or take. Read full story »

July 25, 2014

One Year In: Holdfast

holdfastfellasThis week on Eater PDX, I interviewed dashing Holdfast duo Will Preisch and Joel Stocks. We talked seven-minute sellouts, proving themselves post-Bent Brick, the polarizing effect of fried spot prawn heads, and why, if they could go back in time a year, they'd choose pop-up over brick-and-mortar all over again. Read full story »

May 29, 2014

One Year In at Old Salt

oldsaltlambsquareIn the midst of last week's great Portland E.coli-pocalypse, I sat down with Old Salt Marketplace's Ben Meyer and Alex Ganum (third partner Marcus Hoover was out buying ice) to talk backbreaking build-outs, why opening a restaurant is a lot like childbirth, ordering Thanksgiving turkeys in May, the paradox of the toilet-unclogging chef, and which of the three partners is the bossiest. Read full story »

May 23, 2014

PDX Tour de Desserts

sugarcubefinancierSo you’ve completed all your pre-summer prep—purchasing sunblock and hair removal equipment, hiring a TaskRabbit to hold your favorite patio tables until you get off work, ceremoniously composting your vitamin D supplements—and you’re looking for something to do? Play hooky and take this day-long tour de desserts I wrote up for the Oregonian; you’ll catch up on a few of the new spots you’ve been meaning to try and you’ll get your RDI of sugar (and then some). Read full story »



Since I think travel and food go together like Fred and Ginger, dark chocolate and peanut butter, and a trip to Paris and tomorrow, I’ve created a line of food-centric travel guides for wandering foodlovers just like me. So if you’re thinking of hitting the road sometime soon, or need an excuse to, take one of my Weekender guides along with you!

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