The Quarterly Report

Everyone is always talking about their quarterly reports, so I figured that Under The Table should have one too, except less boring and more delicious. So here’s a roundup of 14 tasty new Portland face-stuffing destinations that have opened in the last fiscal quarter, give or take. Read full story »

April 18, 2014

Peeps & Pancakes

olympicprovisionsbenedictAs I am extremely suspicious of any holiday encouraging the suppression of vice and excess, I generally pass on Lent*, but I do like the end of Lent, because everyone who was suppressing culinary vices and excess for 40 days and nights is ready to eat and drink everything in sight, which sounds like a plan, especially considering the proximity of Easter and all its brunches. Read full story »

April 15, 2014

Brunch Bliss at Xico

xicomimosacropLike most Portlanders, I love a good brunch, but unlike most Portlanders, I won’t squander 10 percent of my weekend standing in line for it, because I have way too many other things to squander my weekend on, like laying face down on the sofa regretting 100% of any decisions made about Jell-o shots the previous night. Read full story »

April 9, 2014

C’est Si Bon, Indeed

cestsiboncollageWhen Kir wine bar closed last year, I went through a period of great mourning, and was certain I could never go back and patronize whatever replaced Kir, even if what replaced it was a dollar store that sold real champagne and perfectly ripe mangos. Or you know, a chic crêperie run by a lovely Frenchwoman. Read full story »



Since I think travel and food go together like Fred and Ginger, dark chocolate and peanut butter, and a trip to Paris and tomorrow, I’ve created a line of food-centric travel guides for wandering foodlovers just like me. So if you’re thinking of hitting the road sometime soon, or need an excuse to, take one of my Weekender guides along with you!

Santa Monica, CA

Ashland, OR

Jacksonville, OR

Sedona, AZ