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July 16, 2010

Picnics & Pinots

Portland’s brimming with picnic-perfect perches, but sometimes your neighborhood park simply won’t cut it. You want to lay your red-and-white-checked gingham blanket in a land of open air, rolling hills, and views-a-plenty. With the help of a few wine country picnic-savvy readers, I compiled a list of seven picnic-ready terraces, decks, and grassy knolls in the scenic Northern Willamette Valley, plus a Picnic 911 cheat sheet for the spontaneous or slothful picnicker.
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July 15, 2010

8 Fun Weekend To-Dos

If you’ve felt like your summer social calendar has been full lately, it’s certainly not going to slow down this weekend. Dress up like a unicorn and patronize N. Mississippi watering holes, sip international ales and lagers in the North Park blocks, run the mini Médoc and storm the giant Bastille Tower of cream puffs in honor of Bastille Day, eat cupcakes and dance like a monkey’s uncle, discover a newfound appreciation for beer cocktails, drink beer and eat burgers in the streets of the Pearl District, and ride your bike around East Portland one-handed (you’ll need the other to hold your Voodoo Doughnut). Read full story »

July 15, 2010

Green With Ruby Jewel Envy

I love my neighborhood, but I have to admit that N. Mississippi Avenue gets cooler by the minute. Literally. This morning, Portland’s beloved Ruby Jewel opens the doors of their first scoop shop, selling handmade ice creams, sundaes, waffle cones, and of course, their signature ice cream sandwiches. It’s giving me a serious case of neighborhood scoop shop envy.  Read full story »

July 14, 2010

Ping Beefs Up Happy Hour

This just in from Ping. Sounds like they are offering even more mouthwatering happy hour delights that you will never get to partake of unless your boss releases you from your Monday-Friday-9-5 prison early. Perhaps you can bribe him with a $5 Kobayashi Hot Dog? Read full story »

July 14, 2010

Spy the Coop

tourdecoopsI’ve always thought it’s got to be a pretty swell life, being a chicken. Assuming you aren’t marked for a neck-wringing and subsequent butter massage and roasting, of course. Or a terrifying group bath. Let me explain. Read full story »

July 13, 2010

Root Beer ‘Rama: A Root Beer-Off

Summer has a lot going for it–temperatures above 40 degrees, the proliferation of cute sundresses in your favorite boutique, and floats. While it’s fun to get innovative with these simple, refreshing desserts — after all, who doesn’t love a caramel espresso float or white peach, cassis, and champagne float — fun fancy schmancy recipes aside, the grandaddy of all floats is still Root Beer. Read full story »

July 9, 2010

Five Fun Weekend To-Dos

This weekend, Portland has something for everyone–ice cream lovers, Francophiles, fútbol enthusiasts, those who worship at the altar of Alsatian-style wine ‘n sausage and old-school heavy metal, and last but not least, anyone who has repeatedly eaten their weight in cherries and yet never seems to learn a lesson.

So tie on your finest red neckerchief, start planning the ideal build-your-own Ruby Jewels ice cream sandwich, dig your favorite Black Sabbath t-shirt out of the attic, stock up on Imodium, and practice your little Dutch headbutts–it’s going to be a fun, fabulous, sweaty, delicious weekend in Portland.
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July 3, 2010

Tarboush Comes to Hawthorne

tarbouchextLast night we popped into Tarboush, the new Lebanese restaurant on SE Hawthorne, which opened this past Thursday in the beautiful Victorian that Belly Timber vacated in May. Read full story »

July 2, 2010

Table Scraps Volume 21

Picture 3Today’s Table Scraps newsletter just arrived! If you are being deprived of this weekly dose of restaurant and food event news, your life just isn’t complete. Sign up HERE!

July 2, 2010

The Pink Ladies Rule the Rosé School

rosemoneyshotWith almost two weeks of summer behind us, we’re well into one of the most important seasons of the year–Rosé Season. This past Monday, a bevy of lively pink wine-loving ladies convened at elegant gal-about-town Bette Sinclair’s airy West Hills perch to conduct a thorough tasting of six vibrant Oregon rosés, complete with triple créme Bries and strawberry tartlets, tales of the Bradley Cooper that got away, and a mass pass-out, er, nap. Read full story »

July 1, 2010

One Touch of Pork Belly Buns Makes The Whole World Kin

kinextWith new Portland restaurants opening faster than my weary fork can cry uncle, it took us a few weeks to come round to former Food & Wine Best New Chef and Chicago transplant Kevin Shikami’s new Pearl District eatery, Kin, which quietly opened on NW 14th Avenue nearly a month ago. Read full story »