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September 24, 2010

Eat, Eat, As Fast As You Can

Those of you bemoaning the calorically-carefree days of summer, when the sun melts away the effects of too many pork belly and four cocktail-drenched evenings on restaurant patios (I wish), I regret to report that any hope of not growing in girth this winter is slim (ha ha). Why? Because Portland won’t stop breeding great restaurants, that’s why.

Following in the footsteps of bears, gophers, and ladybugs everywhere, I have been plumping my fat layer in preparation for a long, cold winter, at the following three new eateries…


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September 23, 2010

Victory Bar Gets New Menu, Late HH

This just in from the Victory Bar, one of the city’s finest watering holes. I glazed over completely after reading the words “Sausage Spätzle,” but I think the gist is that they’ve updated the menu and added a late night happy hour. In case you weren’t at Wild About Game last weekend, Victory’s Chef Eric Moore, wearing both his trademark flannel and infectious grin, was sous chef for winner Gabe Rucker. Here’s the skinny on Moore’s bacon cheddar poutine and hot sausage po’ boy…

victorybarext2Hello To All,

Our website designer is M.I.A. so you won’t find our new food menu posted on our site…..yet.
But I’ll just mention, SAUSAGE SPATZLE and HOT SAUSAGE PO’ BOY to you now
Early Bird Happy Hour AND Late Night Menu/Happy Hour!
It all starts this week at Victory. Here’s a list of our Happy Hour offerings: Read full story »

September 23, 2010

Roost Opens Tonight

I drove past Roost today, at SE 14th & SE Belmont, and noticed the paper was finally off the windows. It’s spare inside, just blonde tables, black chairs, and a row of pegs along the east wall, but it’s much cuter than that dive bar that used to occupy this corner.


Tonight is the soft opening, according to the chef, who was chopping ham in the kitchen when I popped my head in the back door. She’ll initially be serving dinner, and brunch is a possibility in the near future. I know I should have gotten more information but I had a car full of takeout from Lilikoi and I was distracted by the thought of the Kalua pork sandwich and guava strawberry cream cake waiting for me.

Here’s a picture of the restaurant and the menu. There’s a reflection on the menu pic, if you can’t see it, here are the dishes: Read full story »

September 10, 2010

A Pod to Build a Dream on

Today was Food Cart Friday for Mette and I, so we decided to check out the Dreamer’s Marketplace on NE Martin Luther King Blvd. My motivation in making the trek was two-fold: 1) This pod’s been on my must-eat list for a while, and 2) my Foursquare buddy, local mixologist and writer Jacob Grier, has been checking in repeatedly at Wet Hot Beef, so naturally I was feeling like he had one up on me.


The Dreamer’s pod, which half fills a parking lot just down the way from lovely Alu Wine Bar, has an interesting mélange of mobile eats. While waiting for Mette, I spied a lone trailer at the far end of the pod, Viking Soul Food. Since Viking soul food has thus far eluded me in this life, I was hooked. “For the Valkyrie within,” the menu promised. This initially conjured up a vision of Tom Cruise, which was very unappetizing, but according to trusty Wiki, a valkyrie is actually an ancient Norse term for “chooser of the slain,” a gang of hot girls who decide who will die in a battle, then escort them to the big mead hall in the sky, when they aren’t romancing heroes and feeding their pet swans pickled cabbage. Now you know. Read full story »

September 7, 2010

Sneak a Peek at Grain & Gristle

poorpiggyWant to sneak a peek at Ned Ludd chef Ben Meyer‘s new Northeast Portland restaurant venture Grain & Gristle while helping send some of the local culinary scene’s best and brightest to Terra Madre? Behold, your wish has been granted, courtesy of Slow Food Portland‘s Anatomy of a Feast: A Trio of Terra Madre Fundraising Dinners and Demo. Read full story »

September 3, 2010

Portland Eats Out Launches Today

Much-awaited just went live!

portlandeatsout2What is Portland Eats Out, you may ask? In a nutshell, it’s a community-focused dining program supporting local restaurants and the Oregon Food Bank. It encourages you, the intrepid Portland diner, to help bolster our wonderful local restaurants by eating at them on “slow nights,” Sunday through Thursday. Your Portland Eats Out membership card gets you a 15% discount at participating restaurants on those nights (excluding happy hour). And as the only discount dining club that advocates collective giving to help eliminate hunger in Oregon, Portland Eats Out donates ten percent of your membership fee to the Oregon Food Bank.

While Portland Eats Out ‘Staff Eaters’ are out beating the streets to sign up more restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars and food carts to join the fun, a whole slew of quality eateries have already joined, including Tabla, Fratelli , Acadia, Olympic Provisions, Genoa, Accanto, Patty’s Wagon, Roythai, Ruby Jewel Scoops, An Xuyen Bakery, Flying Cat Coffee House, Seven Virtues Coffee, Vino Paradiso, Viking Soul Food, Trebol, Ten 01, FIN, Eleni’s, Pepper Box, Lauro Kitchen, Vindalho, India Chaat House, El Palenque, and Yakuza.

To get a membership card of your very own, go to the just-launchd, or visit the Portland Eats Out booth at the Belmont Street Fair on September 12th. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow Portland Eats Out on Facebook and Twitter.

Let the eating, saving, and philanthropy begin!

September 3, 2010

Tasty n Sons Does Dinner…Soon

My fantasies of eating thick stacks of peach maple compote and whipped cream-slathered Auntie Paula’s French Toast for dinner come true in less than two weeks–Tasty n Sons has announced the official start date of their new dinner service as Tuesday, Sept. 14.


The dinner menu will feature burgers (including the “Toro Bravo” burger), breakfast-for-dinner (a selection of Tasty n Sons’ signature brunch items), some of Chef John Gorham’s favorite classic diner recipes, good beer, and classic cocktails. Initially, dinner service will be offered from 5-10 pm Tuesday through Saturday as the restaurant eases into a daily dinner schedule in a few weeks. They’ll also offer a limited menu during the 3-5 pm afternoon lull between brunch and dinner.

On another note, don’t plan on a tasty Tasty n Sons Labor Day brunch–it’s closed Monday, Sept. 6.

September 3, 2010

Blue Ribbon Créme Fraiche

Congratulations to the ever-effervescent Cheese Czarina, Lisa Jacobs of Jacobs Creamery, for her big win at last weekend’s American Cheese Society’s 26th Annual Cheese Judging and Competition!  Lisa was in good company, alongside cheese greats like Cowgirl Creamery, Bellwether Farms, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Rogue Creamery, Cypress Grove Chevre, and Willamette Valley Cheese. Read all about Lisa’s triumph, her ricotta tears, and where to find this award-winning créme fraiche in Lisa’s weekly newsletter, always a good read… Read full story »

September 3, 2010

Eating With Juan

Adventurous eaters seeking a fresh Portland communal dining experience have a new frontier–Eating With Juan. Hosted every Tuesday night by Navarre Chef John Taboada and his lovely wife Giovanna Parolari, at the Luce event space on East Burnside, Eating With Juan showcases the delicious Yucatan cuisine of long-time Navarre chef Juan Alvarado.


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September 3, 2010

Ate-Oh-Ate Update

At the tail end of Ben Dyer’s weekly Simpatica Dining Hall emailer, comes this update on his new Hawaiian-style plate lunch joint, Ate-Oh-Ate.

For those of you who are interested, Ate-Oh-Ate is coming along quite nicely.  We have been madly working on getting it put together and should be open late next week (like Saturday).  I will let you know for sure in next week’s email.  Thank you for your continued patience – we are all very, very excited to unleash our new baby upon the world.  I have a million things to do between now and then – wish me luck, I’m really going to need it.

spamAte-Oh-Ate will be located at 2452 E. Burnside, and will be open daily from 11am to 9pm. They now have a website, which offers a teensy preview of plates to come–promising “Teriyaki, Kal-Bi, Katsu, Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, Housemade Kimchi, Saimin and more…” along with beer and Mai-Tais. And Spam, of course. As the website explains,

Ate-Oh-Ate is brought to you by the owners of Laurelhurst Market and Simpatica Dining Hall & Catering.  Our goal is to provide you with the finest and most delicious Hawaiian Style food possible.  We use only the highest quality products, including all natural meats, fresh vegetables, real Best Foods Mayonnaise and authentic Spam (accept no substitutions!).  Feel free to dine in or take-out.

September 1, 2010

Hung Far Low Sign Hangs Again

First Thursday’s extra interesting tomorrow, what with the unveiling of the restored Hung Far Low sign over Ping restaurant in Old Town Chinatown. Besides the exposure of the big re-erection, there will be beverages and dragon dancing too. The party begins at 5 pm, with the official unwrapping scheduled for 7 pm. Personally, I try and attend pretty much anything that incorporates dragon dancing into its itinerary.