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June 28, 2011

Bluejays ARE Lucky

This morning I was sitting at my dining nook table, eating breakfast (soft-boiled eggs and a perfectly ripe mango, since you asked) and reading the manual to my fancy new camera that the camera store guy said takes amazing food pictures but that I can’t even figure out how to turn on (a Canon PowerShot S95, since you asked), when a fat baby blue jay landed on my windowsill and stared critically at me for a really long time (at least a decade in bird years) until moving on. Sorry I don’t have a picture of him for you but that would have required turning on my camera.

Because I’ll do almost anything to prolong breakfast and avoid getting to work, I decided to do some research on whether blue jays are an omen. I Googled, “Is it good luck to see a blue jay?” and the first answer that came up was “It’s just a bird, stupid.” Fair enough. I washed my plate and got to work.

But guess what? Blue jays are good luck, because not an hour later, I saw that the lovely Leslie Cole had penned a delightful writeup about Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces in the O’s FOODday section. I did a little happy dance, and then set out a very small dish of mango on the windowsill for my new good luck charm.

Here’s the link to the FOODday writeup. You’ll have to get your own blue jay.

June 27, 2011

Where To Find BPTSYF

bptsyfpicPortland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces can be found online at and at these fine local retailers (more coming soon!): Read full story »

June 27, 2011

Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces Is Born!

Last week, I had a baby.

No, not a REAL baby! I need a few more years of uninterrupted beauty sleep, uninhibited imbibing of Tempranillo, and unburped-on sweaters before I go that route. But I did produce a little paper baby, which I named Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces Stevenson. Or something like that. 220 pages, 4.25″x6.25″. A bit on the small side, I know, but that’s okay because sometimes you need your baby to slip right into your pocket while you grab for your chocolate praline croissant/foie gras bon bon/pork belly and fried egg sandwich/Tums.


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