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June 29, 2012

Where’s the 4th of July Party?

Remember in high school, when you used to drive around town on Wednesday night asking people where the party was? Well, that was embarrassing for everyone, and in the interest of you not repeating past mistakes, I found the parties for you this Wednesday, which happens to be the Fourth of July. So put earmuffs on the dog, tuck a few spare sparklers in your red, white and blue wunderpants, and go celebrate America’s birthday with gusto, green chile cheeseburgers, and a very small horse named Harley, you party animal you. Read full story »

June 28, 2012

One Year In With Scott Dolich

For eight years, Park Kitchen chef/owner Scott Dolich was content serving diners the reliable and celebrated ingredient-driven cuisine that has made his cozy, enduringly popular North Park Blocks restaurant a Portland dining scene mainstay. Then, early last summer, facing a surplus of kitchen talent and the serendipitous availability of his biggest Portland building crush, Dolich opened his unique version of a tavern in an off the-beaten-path Northwest Portland nook, brought in molecular gastronomy-leaning PK sous chef Will Preisch as executive chef, and the Bent Brick was born.

oneyearinscottA year later, I interviewed Dolich for Eater PDX about opening day out-of-body experiences, the challenges of raising two very different kids restaurants, why you’ll probably maybe never see a Bent Brick burger, and how a second restaurant is better midlife crisis material than a Ferrari.

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June 27, 2012

Drink Pink

Being a former kindergarten teacher and all, I’m quite keen on rhyming words. I’m also quite keen on wine, because one adopts certain coping mechanisms when their professional life involves spending 7 hours a day with two dozen five-year-olds, and as we all know, some of the finest coping mechanisms ever invented are liquid, chilled, alcoholic, and…pink. Without further ado, meet Drink Pink, Patton Valley Vineyard’s ode to the loveliest and most drinkable of summer coping mechanisms—Willamette Valley rosé. Read full story »

June 22, 2012

Lemon Cream Pots

In honor of the fortuitously warm first day of summer, a few lovely friends and I convened at Laurelhurst Park Wednesday evening to celebrate the inaugural meeting of the Portland Picnic Society. It was a joyous and filling event, rendered an indelible memory thanks to a trés Portland composite of beautiful food, half-naked tightrope walkers, inquisitive dogs with little to no concept of personal picnicking space, a delightfully awkward corporate team-building gathering to openly spy on, and a soundtrack of secondhand mariachi music from the raucous graduation party down the way. Read full story »

June 21, 2012

A Beaverton Farmers’ Market Adventure Picnic*

Yesterday was the first day of summer, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard not to have a love-hate relationship with the onset of the fairest season of them all, mostly because the onset of summer isn’t actually very summery at all. It’s more like 60 degrees and cloudy with a chance of me moving to the Caribbean. Thank goodness for the farmers’ markets. Read full story »

June 21, 2012

Behind the Apron: Nicky USA’s Geoff Latham

geofflathamnickyTwenty-two years ago, Nicky USA owner Geoff Latham got his start in the sustainably-raised meat business by selling rabbits to Portland chefs and retailers out of the trunk of his Ford Escort. Now he has a thriving Oregon operation, his name is on the finicky lips of chefs throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and Nicky USA is expanding up into Seattle in a matter of weeks.

This week, I interviewed Latham for Poached, about the 17 years of hard knocks that preceded Nicky’s upswing, his plans for his own poultry plantation, the epic Portland-Seattle chef face-offs and “biggest chefs’ party ever thrown” planned for Nicky’s Wild About Game feastival in September, how home cooks can get their civilian hands on some highly-coveted Spanish ibérico pork, and what he’ll be grilling up this summer. Read interview here>>

June 20, 2012

Cider Summit NW: Keeve Calm & Sip On

There are some ingestible things in this world that are preferable when soft—baguettes, marshmallows, and scrambled eggs certainly, but in most instances, cider is preferable hard.  (Elementary school autumn festivals excluded.) Read full story »

June 15, 2012

Around West LA in 10 Plates

Last week, I traveled down to sunny, sultry, sexy Los Angeles—land of very big dreams, very rich mice, very shiny black Range Rovers, and very good mini-lobster rolls. For a few glorious days, I lived the ASCTV (As Seen in a California Tourism Video) life—sun, sand ‘n surf, Disneyland, and random celebrity sightings included, but when I wasn’t lying by the pool or hiking to the Hollywood sign or wandering around the Venice Canals or just sitting on a bench at The Grove wishing Jason Statham would walk by shirtless on his way to Barney’s* (hey, a girl can dream), I was, of course, eating. Read full story »

June 14, 2012

Screen Door Gatekeepers

I love interviewing people for Eater‘s Gatekeepers series…this time around it’s Screen Door co-owner and bona fide popular guy David Mouton, the man who oversees that awe-inspiring weekend brunch line.

davidscreendoorIn a land where mile-long brunch lines scarcely raise an unmanicured eyebrow, Screen Door commands the most formidable of them all — a three-deep, corner-turning human chain that could prompt the uninformed passerby to suspect an indie label fitted hoodie sample sale lurks within the humble cinder-block walls of this unflaggingly popular Southern restaurant, as opposed to a kitchen full of overworked deep fryers turning out plate after plate of some of the city’s most coveted fried chicken ‘n waffles.

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June 13, 2012

Drink Deck’s 52-Stop Pub Crawl

In all my years, I’ve never met a card game that I couldn’t lose dramatically at, which is why I never ever play strip poker if I haven’t shaved my legs for a few months. Even as a kid I never quite possessed the adequate patience, strategy, or poker face required to be a card game champion. Fortunately, Drink Deck has devised a card game that makes even someone like me, someone who can’t even beat herself at Solitaire, feel like a winner. A card game that is essentially a 52-stop super Portland pub crawl where you get a free drink at each bar. As Shaggy (a guy who looks like he enjoys a good Portland pub crawl now and then) would say, Zoinks! Read full story »

June 7, 2012

Drink Pink at Rosé in the Rose City

Summer is only two weeks away, and while the weather is failing to cooperate as usual, as intrepid Portlanders, we still doggedly believe that sunny skies and long, warm nights beckon. (Right?? Hey, you! Unpack that U-Haul and un-commence Tuscon migration at once!) Read full story »