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July 19, 2012

Win An Oregon Brewers Festival Buzz!

Next weekend, the Oregon Brewers Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary (the Silver Anniversary, in Hallmark-speak), but instead of getting itself a pewter Homer Simpson Bottle Opener and calling it a day, it’s throwing you and yours a huge brewhaha at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Read full story »

July 19, 2012

The Weekender: 8 Fun PDX To-Dos

I spent last weekend sailing Seattle’s Lake Washington in a 26-foot sloop with nautically-inclined friends, drinking sparkly from rubber-bottomed plastic goblets, trying not to upchuck our prawns, and sleeping with our eyes propped open in case we were attacked by Emerald City pirates and we had to fight them off with empty cremant bottles, prawn tails, and mouldy life jackets. Can we top that this weekend? Maybe not. But we sure can try!

After all, the city is a hotbed of to-dos—from lavender fests and pickle-offs to wine country mixers and car-free bike rides, to Southeast street fairs and hot Scots in kilts throwing their haggis around. All pirate free! (Not guaranteed, after all, this is Portland). Read full story »

July 12, 2012

Free Yourself From Boredom This Bastille Day

Not content to go steady with America’s day of independence, July also has an annual dalliance with France’s celebration of their most notorious national tantrum. And more than 200 years after the fact, we get to commiserate with widespread fêtes like downtown’s Bastille in the City, various patriotic wine tastings and feasts scattered about the city like macaron crumbs, and Sunday’s sure to be glorious Bastille in the Wine Country (which I have a pair of giveaway tickets for, read on for how-to-win info), all of which will have your weekend social calendar throwing its beret in the air and screaming “Sacre Bleu!”

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July 12, 2012

Don’t Be Daft, Explore Your Craft

The other day, a confused teenager in a sturdy sedan barreled the wrong way up the Hawthorne Bridge and head-on into my front grille, totaling my beloved CR-V and reducing me to a hobbling hobble (temporarily, thankfully) and insurance company-stalking shrew, and frankly, being in a good mood this week has been challenging.

Providentially, the New York Times just ran an article about the secret of happiness, which surprisingly, does not involve installing a chocolate fountain in the kitchen (drat), but rather, giving to others. How nice then, that today I have two pairs of tickets to Widmer BrothersExplore Your Craft to give away to two lucky readers! Read full story »

July 6, 2012

Summer Boozy Newsie

A recent study has revealed that Vitamin D deficiency probably causes weight gain, which is unfortunate news for Portlanders already losing sleep over their rickets. With this depressing scientific epiphany in mind, it stands to reason that if our late-breaking-summer is already making you fat, what’s a few more beers? Sure, drinking may not replenish your body’s supply of the Sunshine Vitamin, but here are 11 beer and wine-fueled fiestas that will help you forget about your thunder thighs and bowlegs.

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July 6, 2012

Feast On This: Grand Central Bakery’s Oregon Shrimp Roll

If you haven’t been following the delicious developments of Portland’s very own mega-food festival for the past few months, it’s time to get Feast fever. With its crème de la crème guest list, once-in-a-lifetime suppers schedule, and tempting array of markets, tastings and food & drink seminars, there’s the proverbial something for everyone in September’s lineup, be it Mark Bittman speaking at the Schnitz, a Bunk-hosted Sandwich Invitational, the global street food-celebrating Night Market, Nancy Silverton’s mortar & pestle sauces class, or the nearly sold-out Inaki Aizpitarte and Daniel Patterson dinner (swoon).

A few weeks ago, illustrious Feast founders Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch threw a lively launch party at Spirit of 77, complete with stellar cocktails, a Salt & Straw cart, and a few unforgettable eats—Xocolatl de David’s foietella toasts with pickled green strawberries, Ox’s morcilla-topped deviled eggs, and these oh-so-summery shrimp rolls courtesy of Grand Central Bakery.

Grand Central was kind enough to share the recipe, so now, just in time for what’s shaping up to be a brilliant weekend, you can be the star of the picnic show. And as for Feast, as The Happenings would say, See You In September.

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July 5, 2012

Escape to Agricureatopia

We all need a little escape now and then, whether it involves a weeklong jaunt to Kauai, a four-martini, no-dessert-left-behind meal at one of our favorite Portland restaurants, a raunchy S&M bestseller-instigated trip to the hardware store for rope and duct tape, or a warm summer evening spent sampling all the delights of a local epicurean getaway without leaving the comfort of beautiful Red Ridge Farms. Read full story »