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May 29, 2014

One Year In at Old Salt

oldsaltlambsquareIn the midst of last week’s great Portland E.coli-pocalypse, I sat down with Old Salt Marketplace‘s Ben Meyer and Alex Ganum (third partner Marcus Hoover was out buying ice) to talk backbreaking build-outs, why opening a restaurant is a lot like childbirth, ordering Thanksgiving turkeys in May, the paradox of the toilet-unclogging chef, and which of the three partners is the bossiest.

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May 23, 2014

PDX Tour de Desserts

sugarcubefinancierSo you’ve completed all your pre-summer prep—purchasing sunblock and hair removal equipment, hiring a TaskRabbit to hold your favorite patio tables until you get off work, ceremoniously composting your vitamin D supplements—and you’re looking for something to do? Play hooky and take this day-long tour de desserts I wrote up for the Oregonian; you’ll catch up on a few of the new spots you’ve been meaning to try and you’ll get your RDI of sugar (and then some).

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May 14, 2014

Brooklyn, Babka & The Beards

nycjamesbeardOnce upon a time, I’d read the glossy accounts of that iconic gathering of high-ranking hedonists and food worshippers known as the James Beard Foundation Awards and wonder wistfully what it would be like to live That Life. It seemed beyond the realm of possibility. Until last week, when pigs flew and I had the opportunity to attend the awards and gala reception.

I can now say with confidence that That Life is good. Really good. And filling. Really filling. Here are some highlights of my recent trip to NYC for the JBA. OMG!

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May 9, 2014

Kachka If You Can

kachkaherringunderafurcoatUnless you just got back from Saint Petersburg, and maybe even if you did, it’s probably been a while since you had a proper Ruskie Zakuski Experience accompanied by nine shots of vodka, Siberian pelmeni in fancy broth, short rib borscht, and Russian ice cream sandwiches dipped in black currant tea milk caramel. So thank goodness for Bonnie and Israel Morales’s new Kachka.

It had indeed been a while since Michelle and I had such a lineup, and by a while, I obviously mean never, so we were pretty excited to tackle Kachka’s menu, served in their colorful new space, which shares the Buckman block with Dig a Pony and Oso Market + Bar. And it shares the inner Southeast parking wars with nearby Trifecta, Tarad, Robo Taco and Voicebox, so plan on circling the block a few times, or better yet, bike or walk. Actually, considering that one of the menu’s helpful instructions is “fill everyone’s glass with their beverage of choice (like vodka, or maybe vodka),” you should definitely walk.


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