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July 28, 2015

A Day in Portland: Where to Eat and Drink

tastynalderWhether you live here or you’re tour-isting, there’s really only one proper way to spend a day in Portland–non-stop eating, with occasional breaks for shopping and cultural attractions, if you must.

So I teamed up with Edible Feast and Expedia on this guide, A Day In Portland: Where to Eat and Drinkwhich highlights a few of my favorite spots while taking you from your morning cup of Stumptown and a heaping plate of Tasty n Alder’s tasso hash, to your midnight snack and nightcap at Shift Drinks. It’s like hanging out with me all day, except that your chocolate is safe and there’s nobody screaming at you to not to dare eat your bay shrimp and radish smørbrød before they’ve taken a picture of it.