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January 9, 2016

A Weekend in Victoria

victoriachristmasharborI have always wanted to visit Victoria BC at Christmastime, and while Santa sure wasn’t listening when I asked for a third Cacao shop right next door to my house or when I asked for a magical Brita that turns tap water into grower champagne, I guess he was awake for the Victoria request, because that is where I spent Christmas week this year.

Every morning we got up at the crack of dawn and then spent the entire day eating and drinking, with the occasional detour to see some notable non-edible sights like Craigdarroch Castle and The Butchart Gardens and the flocks of preening peacocks that roam around Beacon Hill Park hoping Santa will make it rain breadcrumbs. (And yes, I did just now Google roast peacock and apparently that wasn’t technically a non-edible detour.)

Because I am a Type A traveler who has difficulty relaxing, I planned a very detailed itinerary for our trip, which I will now share with you, distilled into one weekend. Follow it to the letter or rearrange and pick and choose as you will, and during your travels if you come across anything that really should be included, please let me know. Read full story »