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May 22, 2018

The Campout is Here!

COVER.The CampoutOur new blue baby is finally here! Please welcome The Campout Cookbook, Marnie Hanel’s & my brand new cookbook, and source of all manner of extremely critical camp-cooking-related wisdom, like how to make champagne marshmallows.

We really did have too much fun with this one. We cooked (okay, sometimes incinerated) everything from chorizo skillet nachos to double decker pineapple mug cakes in the coals, we held extremely competitive banana boat bakeoffs, we perfected our flask cocktail mixing skills, and we developed serious enamelware and cast iron habits (oops).

We also learned a lot of lessons along the way, like don’t turn your back on the Dutch oven roasted chicken when Marnie’s dog Winnie is out, don’t eat berry cobbler made in an improperly-seasoned cast iron skillet unless you’ve always wanted grey teeth, always buy at least five times more firewood than you think you need, never make one kind of marshmallow when you could make 12, if you make people cinnamon rolls for breakfast they’ll forgive you for screaming “I think I hear a bear!” in their ear all night, etc.

We also included a helpful guide to determining whether you belong in a tent, teardrop trailer, or the Four Seasons, a stargazing guide, a skinny-dipping guide, a campfire Mad Lib, 99 Ways to Use a Thermos, and of course, the perfect packing checklist (do NOT forget the Rolla Roasters!).

Books can be pre-ordered right now at our beloved Powell’s, or Amazon (please leave us a review…I mean, if you liked the book), or you can pick one up at your favorite indie bookstore starting on May 29th (but possibly even now, since we saw it at New Seasons the other day). Happy camping and may your summer be filled with s’mores, skillet nachos, and Off-The-Grid Old-Fashioneds!