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January 13, 2020

One Delicious Day in Joseph

This tiny Eastern Oregon town has big things going on—big views, big history, big plans, and big-hearted locals. Just the first glimpse of downtown will stop you in your tracks, it’s hard to believe that the majestic Wallowa Mountains towering in the background are real, and after a few days spent exploring the miles upon miles of unspoiled prairieland, spectacularly scenic tapestry of Eagle Cap Wilderness trails, and charming array of restaurants, shops, museums, and galleries, don’t be surprised if you end up booking your next trip before you’ve even left.

Regardless of whether you hole up in The Jennings Hotel the entire time (understandable), or hike a different high lake every day, it won’t take long to understand how this wee but lively Wallowa County town has made a name for itself as a bona fide destination for adventurers both artistic and extreme.


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