12 Days of Face-Stuffing

Soon, the classic accoutrements of Christmas carol lore will fill your homes–lords a leaping all over your custom hopscotch court, amorous swans a swimming in your hot tub, partridges Occupying Your Pear Trees. Thusly, you’ll have your hands full placating litigous lords moaning about sprained ankles, knitting booties for baby swans, and scrubbing partridge poop off your pears so you can slice them up for last week’s Pear Prosecco Cocktail, but please consider taking time for one more Christmas distraction–12 Faces a Stuffing, your chance to win a copy of Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces each day for the dozen days leading up to Christmas.

See, yesterday, Wieden + Kennedy graciously permitted Mette and I to set up a table in their atrium to sell Best Places To Stuff Your Faces to hungry brilliant advertising people. As part of our display, we shared Swedish fish with everyone, and held a Win A Book & The Leftover Swedish Fish! contest.



When Big Winner Cathy won her guidebook, she was so excited, it made me want to give away books all the time! But Mette, ever the voice of reason in this operation, pointed out that this is not a solid business strategy, so instead I decided just to fill the 12 Days of Christmas with Facestuffer guide giveaways.

It’s easy to win. Here are the steps:

1. Click here to join the Under The Table Facebook community. It’s filled with very nice folks who love food, just like you.

2. Starting this Monday, December 12th, keep an eye on the Facebook page to catch the day’s food picture when it’s posted. The picture will be a random snippet of a delicious Portland dish I’ve eaten that day. Like this:


3. Then, guess which dish it is in the comments section. (If you guessed Le Pigeon’s foie gras profiterole for the above photo, you are so ready for this contest!) The first one to guess correctly wins, and if nobody guesses correctly, I’ll put all the attemptees names in a hat and draw one. Because sometimes you can be a winner without really winning. At least, that’s what my mom always told me.

See you Monday on Facebook!