A Facestuffer V-Day Special

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and perhaps you’ve already gotten your sweetheart something grand, like a heart-shaped Greek villa or a bathtub filled with melted chocolate and marzipan ducks or a drugstore chocolate box with all the subpar truffles removed and replaced by a clever clue that kicks off a scavenger hunt that ultimately leads to Colin Firth holding a crate of chilled pink champagne. (Please consider the above my Valentine’s Day want list.)

Or perhaps you’re still undecided about what might make the perfect gift, or perhaps you’re reluctant to leave your home because it’s yeti season or perhaps you’ve forgotten all about Valentine’s Day and need a nice gift asap, so you aren’t banished to the smelly sofa in the basement for the weekend.

In that case, I suggest getting your beloved a copy of the new edition of Portland’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces, which will arrive accompanied by a handmade pocket ninja valentine made by yours truly with the help of my trusty old Remington typewriter.

Shipping is free, and your gift will arrive in a very cute signature Facestuffer envelope. You can order your book here, and if you order asap, I’ll run it down to the post office tomorrow morning, so your lucky lover/friend/friend who’s a ninja will get it by Friday.

The front (obviously your name will replace mine…unless your name is Jen):



The back:facestuffervalentineback

The envelope: