AIWFC: Almost Edible Soap

Today is Day Four of my holiday blogathon, entitled All I Want For Christmas. This is where I scour the town looking for cool food-related presents that secretly, I would really like to get, but that I’m also pretty sure you and yours would love too. If you missed previous installments, click here.

Everyone has a different relationship with soap. Some people believe that soap should perform a very basic function, that is, preventing Smelly Guy/Girl Syndrome. Some people believe that soap should be used as a decorative element, and should come in interesting shapes, emit beguiling perfumes, or have weird Goldschlager-esque flakes or scrubby specks in it. Some people use soap as a status symbol, making sure that their eight guest bathrooms, four kitchen sinks, yacht bar, and stretch Escalade’s cupholders all sport full dispensers (labels out!) of Molton Brown myrrh muske & cypress at all times. Personally, I believe that soap should look and smell like food.

prunellasoapsThanks to Janell Anderson‘s pretty little Portland-made Prunella soaps, which come in almost-edible blends like pink grapefruit & oatmeal, blood orange & ginger, cinnamon & coffee bean, and peppermint poppyseed, washing your hands before dinner becomes a sudsy little amuse bouche. (No really–they are organic and vegan and smell so good you’ll probably end up tasting them.)

betsyandiyainteriorDubbed Princess Prunella by her mother thanks to her childhood propensity to linger in the bathtub until she developed thoroughly pruney fingertips, Janell’s food-centric soaps are a reflection of her own love for cooking and baking, and her philosophy that you can create something quite enticing with just a few high-quality ingredients, like organic citrus, cinnamon and mint. Her fragrant wares can be found at her Etsy store and at lovely Betsy & Iya boutique, at the corner of NW Thurman and NW 24th, tucked in among the beautiful displays of handmade jewelry, garments, and accessories.

Janell also makes a line of ingenious Adventure Sticks (click here to see the Oregon Hops White Grapefruit version). One soap stick is adequate for one shower, or for a mere hand wash, half a stick or so will do. Not to editorialize, but they might be the coolest thing ever. After all, how often do you come across a cleanser that smells like breakfast and makes you wish you’d get your mouth washed out with soap more often?