Big Pink Chill HALF OFF!

My birthday is a mere nine months away, so you’ve probably started thinking about what to get me. I’m happy to say your search is over. Because the thing I have lusted over more than anything else in the entire universe, including George Clooney, has just gone on sale. HALF OFF!


I am Half Off. Jen really, really wants me. This seems like a simple equation.

Yes, the massive “Pink Lemonade” Big Chill refrigerator that sits on display in the back of the impossibly charming Noun/St. Cupcake store on SE Belmont, is 50 percent off and eagerly seeking a new home, preferably mine. Noun owner Stephanie told me this afternoon that she is selling it to make room for a new custom Big Chill that will be a better coloric fit for the shop’s upcoming remodel.


Just kidding! I'm really only $1500. Did I mention that Jen REALLY wants me?

The $3000 price tag has been slashed to $1500, and you’re responsible for moving it, and you’ll probably have to redo your entire kitchen around this showpiece, but if you ask me, it’s the deal of a lifetime. Be still, my pink fridge-loving heart!