Blue Ribbon Créme Fraiche

Congratulations to the ever-effervescent Cheese Czarina, Lisa Jacobs of Jacobs Creamery, for her big win at last weekend’s American Cheese Society’s 26th Annual Cheese Judging and Competition!  Lisa was in good company, alongside cheese greats like Cowgirl Creamery, Bellwether Farms, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Rogue Creamery, Cypress Grove Chevre, and Willamette Valley Cheese. Read all about Lisa’s triumph, her ricotta tears, and where to find this award-winning créme fraiche in Lisa’s weekly newsletter, always a good read…

creme-fraicheLast weekend was a BIG weekend for cheese in the NW. Thousands of people flocked to Seattle for Cheese-a-Topia! (sounds like heaven don’t you think?) a huge conference all about cheese!

The biggest deal being -of course- was the much awaited Festival of Cheeses where all the winners from the 1462 cheese entries were displayed and tasted! Wowzers! Its basically like the academy awards but for cheese!

I really wished I could have been there to meet other cheese makers from all over the country and to taste the winners.

On Saturday evening I got a call from Marc Bates and his lovely wife Janice telling me that my creme fraiche was awarded a ribbon!!!!! Me? OMG!! Me? Seriously???? Followed only by a txt from Becky telling me the same followed by another ‘anonymous’ txt telling me congrats on my creme fraiche win I always knew you could do it!!!  Yippeee right?

I had a moment of extreme joy that was soon followed by a very depressed emotion (tears) brought only on by the fact that my ricotta was totally and udderly neglected. I might have been the only cheese maker to have cried after winning her very first ribbon but cry indeed I did, because I had so wanted my ricotta to win.
Perhaps it was just extreme stress and massive sleep deprivation?

I am feeling much better about it now and feel  proud to be ranked up there against two other companies (Bellweather Farms and Vermont Butter and Cheese Co.) who I greatly admire. Both companies have amazing cheesemakers and a wonderful array of products. There is always next year for the ricotta :)

This week we have copious amounts of the award winning creme fraiche! Our new version of the age old farmers cheese and of course fresh churned butter!

Host a party in your mouth and try all three at once!

The farmers cheese is wonderful with tomatoes and absorbs a vinaigrette nicely for a salad.

This week you can find our products at PSU and Hollywood on Saturday the King market and Hillsdale on Sunday and Monday Pioneer Sq, Tuesday (me) at Cannon Beach (as long as there are no Tsunami warnings) and Hood River and the NW 23rd market on Thursday. If you cannot make it to any of these markets you can find us at Sheridan Fruit company! They are now carrying the feta, butter, ricotta and fromage blanc!!

Until next time! (hope your udderly fabulous in the mean time)
Yours always
Cheese Czarina!