Cheesy Good Fun

I sincerely hope you are a fan of my dear friend Lisa Jacob’s tremendously good cheeses, if you aren’t yet, make a point of stopping by her Jacob’s Creamery booth at the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market this winter (the Hillsdale market runs bimonthly year-round) for a taste of her delectable feta, crumbled mozzarella, cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, and new Irish Cashel blue cheese. And please don’t pass up the pudding.

lisathanksgivingLisa writes one of the funniest newsletters in town, and was gracious enough to let me reprint it. Recently, Lisa took a position as cheesemaker at Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheeses, setting off a whole new adventure that involves cheesemaking to the strains of Edith Piaf, learning to make blue cheese with noted cheesemaker-down-under Neville McNaughton, and living in a drafty old farmhouse in “Nowheresville” without luxuries like kitchen plugs.

Here’s the latest installation of Lisa’s hilarious chronicling of her life as a Cheese Czarina. If you want to be included in her mailing list, email her at
Hohohohoho and hehehehe :)

Welcome to this weeks cheesy newsie!
December 17, 2009

I was at the historical country store in Nowheresville (affectionate name for my new town) the other day and there was a couple in front of me. They were probably in their eighties and obviously had an agenda for their outing. When they had carefully selected their items they slowly headed to Peggy the friendly owner when the man said “hello! its awfully cold out there” just as soon as he was finished his better half said “Earl don’t tell her everything you know!”.

This couple made me laugh (what a spitfire she was) so I bought them each a piece of candy for a penny. They also made me think about relationships and what a lovely thing a lifelong partnership like that is (even if one half is kinda verbally abusive).

It also made me think about what type of cheese they eat, which is something that I think a lot about when I first meet a person or a couple for that matter. Its always fun to see how the most ordinary person sporting gap jeans and converse has the most exquisite and exotic tastes in cheese. I suppose cheese preference is similar to your choice of underwear. There is a wide variety to choose from and different ones for different occasions. So far in my highly enjoyable career as a cheesemaker I have learned that the majority of people find at least one thing favorable if not more at the Jacobs Creamery booths across town. However there is usually the lark that says nay to the fresh and creamy and declares the stinkier the better! (which is when I pull out my two year old aged havarti) I find great comfort in some fresh ricotta in my pasta and cream cheese with my lox and bagel but sometimes I want more. Sometimes I want a little depth sometimes I want what I don’t always think I like, and I find myself with an overripe brie or camembert! (shock (de rien)) Which is why you should come to me for your aged cheese needs as well as your fresh this holiday. I will of course have the usual line up (but limited amounts so email me your order if you have your heart set on some eggs, cream cheese or butter!)

So the other day as I was traversing through the country side, going over the slight hill and through the woods (and along the river) to the cheese room (grandmothers house is a full 9,000 miles away) I changed my boots and suited up and headed into the cheese room.

Shortly after I arrive I set to work making cheese which is something I adore. While stirring the newest batch of table cheese I had two of my creamery staff wearing aprons and wrapping cheese. The tuneage was set to Edith Pilaf, as her warbling sound gets me in the mood for France and also for making great cheese. I thought to myself how happy and content I am (and its not because I have a new very handsome UPS man, or because my pellet stove is functioning). I found myself happy despite all the ails (the weird landlord that wants to rub my feet,read my palm and saw pieces of wood in my basement at 11pm, lack of heated floor tiles in my life, lack of moose milk and cold temperatures) I find myself generally quite happy with my life as a cheese maker/pudding producer, which means overall stability in your consumption of Jacobs Creamery products (in case you were wondering how this affects you).

So my warbling (Edith Pilaf style) holiday message is be happy. Hankuna Matata! Carpe Diem! Have fun! Smile and enjoy :)
This is a lovely time to spend time with those that you love (and the perfect time to make fabric softer and snuggle) and be thankful of all the merry things that surround you.

Its a wonderful thing to to sit next to the fire with a tub of vanilla pudding (or swirl) and think about all the good that surrounds you, its also prime time to put some chilled bubbly out and a nice assortment of bread and crackers and of course some Irish Cashel and JC spreads and invite all your friends and family over for some festivities.

Please do keep in mind that we will be (rain, hail, snow, ice or sunshine) at PSU and Hillsdale (no matter if the wind does lift up the front of my truck!) this weekend. This my dear friends will be the last market of the year so please come and stock up on your favorite winter comfort foods.
Our next market will be January 10 (which is a Sunday) at the Hillsdale farmers market so plan on stocking up till then!

New Rules!
Don’t assume that during December people put bulbs outside their houses to celebrate the birth of Jesus, they could also be celebrating their stock in GE

Before renting an old house make sure that the kitchen has electrical sockets, and that they are ready for modern appliances like toasters!

Don’t assume that buying an Everready flashlight means that it will in fact be ready when the lights go out….

Don’t listen to your landlord when he tells you that Geese are better than dogs for protection

If it looks like a mouse and runs like a mouse and sounds like a mouse, its probably a squeaky floorboard

While living in an old house don’t turn the kettle on while any lights or electrical outlets are in use!

What did the bald man say when he got a comb for Christmas?
Thanks Ill never part with it!

Have a lovely week, until next time
Yours always
Cheese Czarina!!

p.s. I never did get any Moose milk for my birthday so I could still use some if anyone gets any for Chrismukkha!