Dining Month Portland vs WoW Celestial Steed

It’s Friday morning and while you should be hard at work, reading snooze-inducing memos and toiling over Excel spreadsheets, you’d rather browse the internet looking at menus, trying to decide where to take your honey for a romantic dinner out tonight. At least, that better be what my boyfriend is doing at work right now.

dmpThis week Travel Portland and a whole host of other sponsors kicked off Dining Month Portland, a month-long celebration of the wonders of prix-fixe dining. During the entire month of June, you can get a special three-course dinner menu for $25 at nearly 50 participating restaurants Portland-wide.

Imagine that–for the price of a search for the American Dream, an American Apparel Spandex Leotard, or a World of Warcraft Celestial Steed , you can have a whole three-course dinner, at restaurants like Paley’s Place, Lincoln, Davis Street Tavern, clarklewis, and Gilt Club.

A three-course meal verses a Celestial Steed? No contest. I trust you’ll make the right decision, both for your belly, and for Portland. Call right now and make a reservation at your restaurant of choice, and while you’re at it, why don’t you go whole hog and pick up a little something special for your sweetie to give her at dinner–something like this lovely Elsa Peretti Every Other Link diamond and platinum necklace from Tiffany, which will also set you back a mere $25…oh wait, I missed a few zeros there. It’s $25,000. Don’t worry, she’ll love the spandex leotard.