Drink Deck’s 52-Stop Pub Crawl

In all my years, I’ve never met a card game that I couldn’t lose dramatically at, which is why I never ever play strip poker if I haven’t shaved my legs for a few months. Even as a kid I never quite possessed the adequate patience, strategy, or poker face required to be a card game champion. Fortunately, Drink Deck has devised a card game that makes even someone like me, someone who can’t even beat herself at Solitaire, feel like a winner. A card game that is essentially a 52-stop super Portland pub crawl where you get a free drink at each bar. As Shaggy (a guy who looks like he enjoys a good Portland pub crawl now and then) would say, Zoinks!

drinkdeckcoverThe rules of this game are very easy. First, buy the deck. It looks like this, and consists of 52 cards, all of which bear the picture of a Portland bar that you probably know far too well.

Each card requires you to spend $30, then gives you either $10 off or 20-30% off the entire bill. Cha-ching! At first I wasn’t sure about the having to spend $30 thing, but the Drink Deck guys gave me a pack to test, and as it turns out, I learned that two people can actually spend $30 at Rum Club in about 2 minutes flat. And when we had girls’ night at my beloved 2nd Story, our $90 bill dropped to around $60. (I’m certain you all will remember to tip on the pre-discount total.) Oh, and check the fine print–as we learned the hard way at Clarklewis, some cards are only valid in the establishment’s bar.

Next, deal yourself 1 to 52 cards, depending on your existing blood alcohol level, tolerance, budget and stamina. Bonus: In this card game, you can look at all the cards and pick the best ones.


Then, plan a geographically-sound pub-crawling strategy and arrange for DUI-proof transportation.

And…commence winning. Present your card at each bar, whereupon they’ll tear off the bottom corner tab and give you back the card, in case you need it for your scrapbook or you require an intact deck to play strip poker with that comely fellow pub dweller you’ve just bonded with over fried pickles, Hamms and a rousing game of video poker at Mock Crest Tavern.

Although I know it might be tempting to play your whole hand in one night (you rock star, you), there’s really no rush, because the cards never expire. So feel free to savor them in moderation, a few champagne cocktails at Driftwood Lounge or pints and burgers at Burnside Brewing Co. here, a bottle of wine and lamb meatballs at Bar Mingo or pasties ‘n beers at Saraveza there.

And if the triumphant flush of finally finding a card game that really speaks to you has you wishing you could do this in other cities, it’s your happy day–Drink Deck has cards for Chicago, New Orleans, and as of just a few weeks ago, London, which is convenient, since I hear that they’re having some big hooptydoo there this summer.

Drink Decks are $29.99, so they pay for themselves in roughly three stops (less if you use the 20-30% cards and use them well), but here are some fun deals for you. First, since it’s Winner Wednesday, you can win a deck over at the UTTWJ Facebook page. (Thanks Drink Deck!)  Here is a picture of the back of my personal Drink Deck (sorry it’s a bit battered, but I keep it in my purse…you can also see the list of participating bars here), just tell everyone the three places that would make up your first DD pub crawl and you’re entered — I’ll announce the winner Friday in Table Scraps.


Or, you can buy a deck and get 20% off by using the code “UTTWJ” at checkout. Just you know, now that I’ve been given my own discount code for something, I feel that I’ve finally made it as a blogger, and I will be celebrating with a 12-card night, boy howdy!

See you out on the town.

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