Eva Goes to Sky City

Sometimes I feel that the kindergarten set isn’t well enough represented here on Under the Table. So I asked a very special correspondent, 5-year-old Eva, for her impressions of her recent meal at Sky City, the revolving restaurant atop Seattle’s famous Space Needle.

Eva was feeling a bit bashful, so at her request, the review was administered in a question-answer format by her mom, Shellie. I offered to pay Eva in Cool Moon ice cream and requested both her favorite flavor and her contributor’s picture, and received this reply:


To Jen.

Here is a picture of me that I drew. I am not sure what flavor of ice cream is my favorite because it depends on the day.

Thank you.



needle-1What restaurant are you reviewing?
A: Sky City — at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA.

What did you order?
A: Steak (Tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal fruit).

If you hadn’t ordered the steak, what would you have eaten?
A: The chicken strips. Or, maybe the salmon. I like that.

Was your meal tasty?
A: Yes.

Was the service good?
A: Yes.

Was it a good value?
A: Yes. It was not too expensive.

Did you order dessert?
A: No, but I wanted to. (Pointed look at mom.)

Was the maze on the kids’ menu too easy?
A: No, but it wasn’t too hard either.


How would you describe this restaurant?
A: Really, really cool!

Did you have a good time?
A: Yes.

Would you go there again?
A: yYes.

What was your favorite part?
A: I liked riding in the elevator and going around in circles when we were eating. I also liked that they took our coats.

What would you change if you were in charge?
A: Nothing. It’s my favorite restaurant now.

It’s your bedtime, so this concludes our interview. Thank you, Eva!