Exploring Pod 28

pod28burrascapork2Just like children, old cars, and capuchin monkeys, each Portland cart pod has a distinct personality, and I think of Pod 28 as the Sunday Afternoon Pod.

Mostly because all of the carts are open on Sunday afternoon, and really, what better use of your day off than sitting on your tuffet within a hop’s throw of the Captured By Porches beer bus, eating your tortas and pappardelle?

Congregating on the lick of Buckman asphalt between Vino wine shop and Crema coffeehouse, these food cart kids on the Restaurant Row block casually circle a jumble of tables and a crooked row of old drawers overflowing with fresh herbs and flowers. Cart culture pillar Grilled Cheese Grill’s double decker bus dining room stands sentry at the entrance, a beacon for the steady stream of neighborhood patrons, most of whom head straight for Captured By Porches, which operates on a simple, failproof model—stick a half dozen taps into the side of a bus, fill Mason jars with beer, and distribute them to people marveling at their good fortune to be able to drink excellent beer from the side of a bus.



Next door, hip, holy little silver Guero, protected from the spirits of mala comida by ornate silver crosses, spiky succulents and prayer candles, serves up supremely fresh, tasty tortas, while across the way, laid back Wolf & Bear’s prepares unique Iraqi and Israeli-influenced Middle Eastern food like the sabich, a warm pita spread with hummus and mango pickle purée and stuffed with sliced boiled egg, cucumber, pickles, onions and fresh greens.


And in Burrasca, the immaculate green lattice-trimmed cart hugging the southwest corner, Florentine transplant Paolo Calamai makes from-scratch inzimino, ribollita, wild boar pappardelle, and salsa verde-slathered pork loin paninos on homemade Tuscan-style rolls so authentic (read: saltless), you think you’ve been transported to Italy. You weren’t really though, so, see you back here next Sunday, say around 2pm?



Pod 28 is located at SE 28th & SE Ankeny * Cart hours vary, click on their links above for info

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