Fall Feasting With the Grand Central Clan

Last fall, I drove out into the wilds of tiny, rural Goldendale, Washington, to spend the weekend with the Grand Central Baking Company family for a Mix Magazine profile about their annual family cider pressing tradition. They were all warm and wonderful hosts, and best of all, the entire family cooked pretty much nonstop.

They were cooking when I got there, they were cooking when I left, and they were cooking most of the time in between, although they did break now and then to eat, sleep, throw sticks to the five family dogs, sip bourbon around the fire pit, and take walks around their incredibly scenic farm, complete with its own apple orchard, pond, and barn (horses included). Oh yes, and they also pressed one metric ton of apples into fresh cider. There was that, too.

The resulting article, styled and photographed beautifully by John Valls and his wife Theresa, came out in last month’s Mix, and you can read it online here. It includes recipes for Butterflied Salmon Steaks With Savory Relish, Cast-Iron Brassicas With Roasted Red Peppers, Butternut Squash Gratin, Gwenyth’s Baked Apples, and Pine Street Bakery’s Savory Biscuits. They’re all very Thanksgiving friendly, so keep that in mind of you need a 6th or 36th course for the ambitious T-Day menu you’re still fine tuning.


Photo of the GCB fall family feast by John Valls … johnvalls.com