First Impressions: The People’s Pig

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re craving until a nice pork-loving man named Cliff Allen wraps it in foil and hands it to you. 


Today, I was shivering and chattering my way to Blueplate for Pot Roast Tuesday when I was sidetracked by The People’s Pig, a new food cart at SW 2nd & SW Stark, tucked into a parking lot right next to Al-Amir Lebanese Restaurant. It’s a cheerful cart, painted yellow with red stripes, with a nice porky logo that’s difficult to see when the awning is up. I tried to take  a picture for you, but I’m only 5’2″ and I didn’t think the owner of the shiny black SUV in front of The People’s Pig would appreciate my bootprints in his/her hood so this is what you get. I scanned the menu and noticed they had two very tasty sandwiches on it. Plus, I’m such a sucker for a new food cart. My pot roast run was suddenly derailed. 

The People’s Pig has only been open since Dec. 4, and for now, the menu is super simple–you can get a porchetta sandwich or you can get a sopressata sandwich.


Since I had roasted pork for dinner last night, I opted for the sopressata with goat cheese, Mama Lil’s peppers, and arugula. Cliff nodded and reached for a roll. Then he paused and looked at me.

“Have you had porchetta before?”** he gently prodded.

He seems like a sweet, soft-spoken fellow who wouldn’t make a fuss unless he had a point, so I asked him if I was making a mistake. He wasn’t about to diss the sopressata but his expression said it all. I changed my order, and I asked him if he suggested I adorn my porchetta sandwich with arugula and peppers or cabbage and apples. Privately, I was pulling for the cabbage and apples. 

“The cabbage and apples is nice,” he said. “It’s makes a very warm sandwich.” 

Since the biting wind had relieved me of 80 percent of the sensation in my fingers and toes and something very warm was sounding very good, I said yes please. 

Cliff had my porchetta, cabbage and apple sandwich ($8) assembled in mere minutes. In the meantime, I asked him what brought him to FoodCartLandia, and he said he’d been cooking all his life and wanted to work for himself, not somebody else. He plans to slowly expand his menu as he gets his food cart legs, adding meatballs and Italian sausage among other things. 


I couldn’t feel my legs or arms at this point, so I paid, took my hot brick of a foil-wrapped porchetta sandwich, and ran back to work, where I paraded my find around to the rest of the office, to great envy. The porchetta was so tender and full of flavor, snuggled into a fresh, chewy ciabatta roll with a pile of soft warm shreds of green cabbage and sweet apples. Shellie took one look and pledged to go back with me tomorrow. Laura tried a piece of pork and went into rapture.


The People’s Pig * SW 2nd & SW Stark * Mon-Fri 11am-3pm