Friday Minibreak in Wine Country

Today, I’m going to tell you the three little words we all most want to hear: Take Friday Off. I mean, clear it with your boss first and everything, I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but if there’s ever a Friday worth abandoning your normal workday obligations for and heading into wine country, I’d say this is it.

Okay, now that you’ve informed your superior that your personal clairvoyant predicted a debilitating bout of (fill in the blank) come Friday morning and you think it’s only fair to let them know ahead of time, you’re off the hook. Let’s make a quick itinerary. (Cue cringe from everyone who’s ever taken a trip with me. Hey, I swear this one will be less than 17 pages and won’t be scheduled in half-hour increments!!)

goodsouppicFirst, you’ll need dinner reservations. Fortunately, Friday is Good Soup for a good cause night! Join McMinnville’s charming R. Stuart & Co. Winery and Community Plate restaurant at their soup supper to benefit St. Barnabas Community Soup Kitchen. For $48, you’ll be plied with a communal feast of soup, salad, bread, dessert and wine. Your soup bowl will have been handmade by Linfield College art students, and since you can never have enough soup bowls handmade by Linfield College art students, you get to take yours home!

dundeehillspassportSecondly, purchase your Dundee Hills Passport, a super cool all-April-long deal that works like this: your $20 pass gives you 50-100% off tastings at over 30 participating wine tasting rooms, along with special offers from area restaurants, shops, inns and B&Bs. The passport costs a meager $20, but if you like their Facebook page you’ll get a $5 off code, which means it’s actually an even more meager $15.

Thirdly, go gas up your trusty motorcycle and clean the chocolate wrappers out of the sidecar so there’s room for Admiral Toot.


Fourthly, have fun and send me a pinot and soup-stained postcard, please!

Good Soup Info>>
Dundee Hills Passport Info>>