Get Your Groupon and EaT Well

If you don’t get Groupon’s daily updates via email, Twitter or Facebook, you may have missed yesterday’s offer–“$12 for $25 Worth of Seafood and More at EaT: An Oyster Bar.”


If you haven’t used Groupon yet, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Every day they post an offer for a local product or service–everything from tattoos to spa days to dry cleaning to meals at oyster bars–for which you pay a deeply discounted price. For example, today you will pay only $12 for the EaT Groupon, but you’ll get a voucher worth $25 dollars, which you can spend on whatever catches your fancy on the menu at North Portland’s EaT: An Oyster Bar.

The only catch is that a certain pre-determined number of people have to buy the Groupon (this is referred to as the “tipping point”), or you aren’t charged and you don’t get the deal. Hence the Groupiness of it all. Once the deal has tipped and closed (they usually run for a few days), your credit card is charged and you can print your Groupon and run straight to the oyster bar/tattoo parlor/spa/dry cleaners.

I just bought two EaT Groupons, which means that I’ll be feasting on Kumamotos and jambalaya next week. Or, if you haven’t yet tried the delicious EaT debris po’ boy featured in yesterday’s A&E’s Best Sandwiches article, now you won’t feel guilty ordering two.

I just bought my