Hello, Wordcake!

We all have big dreams, and most of mine are pretty standard fare—the Parisian apartment on rue Cler, the bulldog trained to retrieve another bottle of rosé, the cashmere tea cozy that comes attached to a hot British butler, the bottomless chocolate bonbon box, the baby dragon that boils perfect 7-minute eggs with his nostrils…etc., etc. But above all else, there has hovered one thing—an iPhone case covered in croissants. The impossible dream.

But if I have learned one thing in this life, it’s that when one has an impossible dream, one just needs to email Mette Hornung Rankin of the Bureau of Betterment, brilliant designer, illustrator, and the other half of Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces. And then, approximately 10 minutes later, you have this:


And just like that, your dream LIVES!

Behold, the brand-new Croissant iPhone Case, covered in Mette’s hand-illustrated croissants. We are now selling it in our extremely fun brand new Wordcake store, along with the Signature Facestuffer iPhone Case, which looks like this:


This first run is pretty limited, I just made 10 of each to test the waters, so scoop one up now if you like them.

The store also carries my brand-new line of Facestuffer Guides—easily digestible gastro guides and getaways for the food-savvy traveler. I’ve been working on this project for a long time, so it’s very exciting to finally see it come to some sort of fruition.

I’m writing guides based on my Portland eating experiences, and I’m also writing guides inspired by my frequent food travels. “Weekenders” and “Day Trippers” are pretty self-explanatory—weekend and day trips stuffed with edible itineraries and tips, with a sprinkling of the destination’s attractions/culture/shopping added in for good measure, and plenty of helpful website, menu and map links.

And although I’m still working on them, I’ll also have a collection of Quickies–good for a few hours of hot ‘n heavy food fun, and Eat Sheets–interesting Best Of compilations centered around a pertinent theme. Coming soon!

Right now, there are five guides in the store—for Portland, I’ve made downtown and Northwest “Day Tripper Deluxe” guides, which are excellent for both tourists who need an insider’s scoop on those neighborhood’s best dining destinations and locals who want a super comprehensive restaurants/markets/bars/sweet treats/happy hour library for when they’re seeking sustenance but are having a brain toot about where to go. The guides are printable so you can keep them on you, or they download to your iBooks PDF library, where they live peacefully alongside your My Berlin Kitchen and Yes, Chef downloads until you need them.

Since I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Southern Oregon now that I have family there, I’ve also made a “Weekender” guide for charming Jacksonville: gateway to the Applegate Valley Wine Trail, a wine lover’s dream village, and my favorite small town in Oregon.

While you’re down there, I’ve also compiled a Day Tripper tour of the seven wineries that make up the lesser known but beautiful Upper Rogue Wine Trail.

And then there’s the guide made possible by my jam-packed trip to vortex land this past fall—the Sedona Weekender. Sedona isn’t exactly a prime dining destination, but it IS one of the most exquisite spots ever for a relaxing, sun-soaked retreat, and since you gotta eat while you’re there, I found you the best spots.

I’ve got loads more guides in the work, some sensible, some a bit more quirky, all delicious, so stay tuned. And if you too share my dream of owning an iPhone case covered in dancing croissants, well, here you go.