Help a Monster Out

Efforts to make the world a better place come in all shapes and sizes–sometimes they are a hotsy-totsy former CIA assassin turned water warrior, sometimes they are the coffee of the person behind you, sometimes they are a couple hours of your Saturday afternoon, and sometimes they are covered in green fur and dispense nut butter.


Enter the Goodie Monster–the healthiest, most handsome (if you’re into big teeth and a lot of chest hair) vending machine ever born. Mr. Monster was created by my dear friend and brilliant designer Mette Hornung Rankin and Portland creative strategist Mark Jacobs, who are determined to elevate the boring, junk-dispensing vending machines we all know into fun, healthy lifestyle-enhancing snack hubs with loads of personality.

(Click here to read about my decadent four-course Goodie Monster feast)

This project is as grassroots as they come, and until Mr. Healthy Snacks himself Jamie Oliver comes along and throws some big bucks behind it (crossing fingers), it’s up to Mette and Mark to, as they put it, “give the Goodie Monster a family,” which they are accomplishing with a supercute Kickstarter campaign.

Donate $10 and get a thank you postcard from the Goodie Monster, donate $30 and get a limited edition “mini-monster”, donate $500 or more and you get to name a Goodie Monster and be immortalized in the healthy vending machine history books. And no matter how much you donate, you get the reward of that feel-good inner glow that comes from helping a monster out, yo?

Timing is everything in this venture–Mette and Mark only have until June 4th to raise the Goodie Monster family planning funding they need, so please consider donating today! Or tomorrow. Or sometime before June 4th, okay?!? And then go about your day filled with the delicious satisfaction that you are helping change the world one bag of dried mango slices at a time.