Help Project Grow

I love Project Grow, for many, many reasons. They are good people. They accomplish amazing, meaningful things. They have pygmy goats. They offer a top notch CSA. And they cultivate a wondrous urban farm right in the heart of North Portland. A secret garden of sorts. You’ve probably driven past it a million times as you hurtle towards Tasty n Sons for brunch, or the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for your weekly cholesterol test. Or whatever.


Two food-related things jumped out at me from Project Grow’s latest newsletter, and I thought I’d pass them on. First, they’ve got seeds! Lots and lots of seeds! For those of you beginning to dream of this year’s garden. Also they’ve got needs. Lots and lots of needs! Just kidding. They have a normal amount of needs. Needs like wine, tea, canvases and benevolent millionaires. And you can help! I posted the newsletter excerpts, so read on, for news of seeds and philanthropic opportunity. 

Our burnout has burnt off! The days are getting longer, the time draws nigh, and smoke rises from the mountain of doom…scratch the latter. We’ve done our first bit of starts-planting for the spring, and its a delightful relief to see supple little cotyledons popping out of our soil. Soon enough, we’ll be starting our tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and basil for sale and for our own planting stock. The fields are still very much sleepy, but the later-planted crimson clover cover crop (nitrification alliteration!) has shot off into a creeping verdant carpet. Inside, we’ve been re-installing our starts area, which turns into a seasonal junk-catchment zone once we’ve finished our starts push in late spring. In a very exciting new development, we will be selling some very wonderful seed varieties this spring and summer. All the seeds we’ll be selling (25+varieties) were grown, harvested, cleaned, and packaged here in North Portland. We have an obscene amount of Orach (both purple and green), many bean and pea varieties, over a dozen tomatoes, and various greens. Please stop in if you’d like to buy some, or check them out at local feed stores and nurseries. They’re hand-stamped manila envelopes with growing info inside with your seeds. Otherwise, we’re delightfully multitasking on all the building projects we had to table during the summer. Please swing by and check out our seeds, visit the critters, and get inspired for the very imminent growing season.

Wish list
Canvases to splash our dreams on
Markers and sharpies (we have a marker ghost that seems to suck the life out of all our markers)
Gallery spaces
Book makers
Fashion designers
A millionaire or two to fall in love with us and donate
Weaving Yarn
Wine for events
Tea to sip on when stressful moments appear
Journalists to come spend some time with us
Fancy soap to spoil our hands with in the bathroom
Wireless speakers for our computer to listen to music that makes us dance

We love you.
Project Grow