Holla for a Dolla Oyster

BroderNordOystersIf you have your priorities straight, there’s nothing you like better in this life than an oyster, except for a dollar oyster. Speaking of which, if you need a Saturday night infusion of budget-friendly bivalves and seriously generous cava pours, Broder Nord is your happy place.

Every Saturday night from 5pm until 9pm or until they run out, beautiful Hama Hama oysters on the half shell are but a dollar each. Don’t dally about getting there either, because dollar oysters are a hot commodity. We arrived at 5:15 and barely got the last couple of bar seats, and when we left at 6:45ish, there were only six dozen oysters left. If this makes you anxious (it’s making me anxious just typing it), then call and reserve a table so that the only thing you have to fret about is the one-dozen-per-person limit.

Broder Nord * 2240 N Interstate Ave. * 503.282.5555 * broderpdx.com