Lean and Green in 2013

In honor of Day 2 of 2013, and what a brilliant, beautiful, shining day it is, I’m sharing my two newest Citysearch Guides with all you resolved-to-be-healthier sorts, because they involve mindful, plant-based eating and turning yourself into a human pretzel, in whichever order you prefer.

naturalselectionFirst up, “Healthy Hotspots So Tasty, You May Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Eat More Foliage,” a compilation of a dozen or so of Portland’s best vegetarian/vegan restaurants and markets, and since you should probably reward yourself for eating so much kale, a few gluten-free bakeries. This one’s a work in progress, as I continue exploring Portland’s green foodie underbelly.

bhaktishopSecondly, in “Downward Dogs and Cobras and Corpse(Pose)s, Oh My: Best & Bendiest PDX Yoga Studios”, I listed nine great local yoga studios where you can get going on that resolution to minimize your pie thighs and fruitcake handles in a peaceful manner not involving a smelly sweaty gym. Since I unfortunately happen to be what The Paradox of Choice author/psychiatrist Barry Schwartz calls a maximizer (as Wiki explains it, “A maximizer is like a perfectionist, someone who needs to be assured that their every purchase or decision was the best that could be made.”), I thought it would be nice to try out all the yoga studios in town, until I feel informed enough to choose The One, probably sometime in 2015. If you share my affliction, or maybe just like a little variety, I listed cool introductory specials that many of the studios offer, like the first two weeks of unlimited classes for $20. See you there! And there, and there, and there.

crazysexydietIn that same lean & green vein, I’ve been on a real library bender lately, gobbling up thought-provoking books about diet and wellness. Obviously, per my line of work and personal preferences, I’ll not be giving up roast chicken, artisan cheeses, lemon curd or 28-pound meat sandwiches anytime ever, but I am interested in striking a dietary balance between bacon-wrapped filet mignon and celery sticks. A few fun, well-written and engaging books I’ve really enjoyed recently on the topic are Crazy Sexy Diet (I have author Kris Carr’s brand-new Crazy Sexy Kitchen on hold too), The Happiness Diet, and Green For Life. And I’ll admit I geeked out on The pH Miracle, even though it’s pretty extreme and I never did warm to spitting on the little pH strips.

I also seem to end up watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead waaay more than I ever thought I’d watch a juicing documentary, because the transformation of Phil the Tragic Truck Driver makes me think anything is possible, every single time I see it.

And with that, I am off to lovely little Canteen for some quinoa confetti and a Tropical Greens smoothie. And maybe a few Missionary Chocolates truffles, too.