Let The Feasting Begin

feastpartyvodkalugeLiving in Portland is always such a learning experience, and last night’s Feast Portland launch party was no exception, because I learned that a party isn’t really a party without a vodka luge and a gin and tonic fountain. It just isn’t.

Clyde Common was the staging area for last night’s Feast feast, and the Clyde crew brought it. There were raw, baked, grilled and smoked oysters as far as the eye could see, ramps and asparagus roasted in newspaper, Jäger slushies, and of course the aforementioned Hendrick’s cucumber G&T fountain and Reyka vodka luge.






I’m still thinking about the porchetta and lambchetta, served with “fumanchu” mayo, pickles and Hawaiian rolls. We went back for the lambchetta so many times it got embarrassing. I was so busy eating all the lambchetta that I didn’t even get a picture of it, so that tells you how distracted I was. But here is one from Feast’s Instagram, and it even includes super cute Clyde Common chef Carlo Lamagna.


Tickets for this September’s Feast 2015 went on sale Friday, and already most of the dinners have sold out, so if you see something you like, get your tickets asap. The No Seriously, Candy is Magic class by Jami Curl of Quin Candy looks particularly delicious, as does the Amaro Meets Cocktail class by Mark Bitterman of The Meadow, and Christian DeBenedetti & Andrea Slonecker’s Beer Bites class. The Sandwich Invitational and Night Market are back, and in place of High Comfort there’s a new Saturday night event called Smoked! that looks like it might interest the grilling enthusiast in your life.

Hope to see you at Feast this fall, and I promise to share the lambchetta! (I mean, I’ll really try.)