Let’s Be Frank–I Want Caramels

I love valentines. Growing up, I could not receive them during my formative grade school years due to being raised in a non-V-Day-celebrating religion, which naturally, made me crave them all the more.

Many moons later, when I became a kindergarten teacher (oh yes, I was a kindergarten teacher for 5 looooong years), I overcompensated with lavish class parties that involved 3-dimensional valentine holders and over the top valentine-making projects that far overutilized doilies and lace and ribbon and GLITTER. Why is it that when you are five years old, you simply cannot use enough glitter?

The parties also involved enough Necco conversation hearts and cupcakes and heart-shaped sugar cookies and red hots and pink punch to send the class into a 48-hour sugar high. Naturally, I held these parties on Friday, during the last hour of the school day.

These days I don’t get so worked up about V-Day, but I sure do love a purty valentine and a delectable sweet on the big day. Yesterday I saw these cards at darling Pearl District stationary store Ecru. They are part of the line of valentines Ecru is carrying from uber-cute specialty letterpress printer and design studio Hello Lucky. See the whole line here. I think they’re all fantastic, but foodlover that I am, I find the hot dog and banana particularly captivating.


I had the valentine, now all that was missing was the sweet. Fortunately Little Green Grocer is just down the way, so I popped in for a few Fran’s Gray Salt Caramels. The band of smoke-colored French sea salt across the middle of the dark chocolate-robed caramel pushes these buttery wonders over the top. I love the 3-pack, it’s the perfect amount for either a thoughtful little gift or relatively guilt-free gobbling alone at your desk. And at $5, you’ll have plenty of money left over for these (warning: link involves boobies).