Look Ma, Wallpaper Loves PDX! AlsoIgotatattoo.

hennatattooOh, the things I do for my job. Today, I volunteered to have my leg tattooed with henna, for a video shoot we’re doing this week. Laura was supposed to be the victim but whoever got the tattoo couldn’t shower until tomorrow morning and she wanted to work out tonight. At first I objected but she bribed me with a bottle of champagne. We all have our price. 

So while I was getting my leg henna-tattooed (by Sam Bones of A La Henna BodyArt , in case you’re in need), I read the new Wallpaper magazine, which came in the mail today. I love Wallpaper, even though I’m far too uncool to read it. I love Wallpaper even more when they publish Top 40 lists of things that make America fabulous, and six of those 40 spots (#28 – #33) are given to Portland restaurants. That means that according to Wallpaper, 15% of America’s fabulousness is derived from our admittedly fantastic food scene. Considering that Wallpaper is headquartered across the pond in London, I’d say that New York isn’t the only big fancy city mesmerized by our thriving culinary scene.

I couldn’t find the article online, so I scanned it in and posted it here. The list probably won’t surprise you, but it’s nice to see that Londoners are keeping up with our ever-expanding roster of exceptional eateries, and acknowledging a couple of our most notable new dining scene arrivals–Beaker & Flask and Laurelhurst claimed spots #31 and 33 respectively, and are in good company next to Le Pigeon, Beast, and Bunk. It was exciting to see Viridian Farms on the list, even moreso to see their heavenly blueberries get their moment in the sun. Well done, Portland! We local foodlovers already know our epicurean offerings are fabulous, but it’s always nice to be lavished with praise.

Now, you can read the article, and I’m off to send my mother a picture of this new tattoo of mine. I bet I’ll be able to hear her screaming all the way from Monterey. And Laura, make it a bottle of Krug, okay?