Mette’s V-Day Picks

Mette Hornung Rankin–my friend, The Bachelor-watching partner, and brilliant designer–sent me a few of her Valentine’s Day foodie gift picks.

doughnutwallet2When Mette first sent me a picture of this darling “Delicious Dough Mini Wallet” wallet by indie designer FluffyCo, I instantly wished it had a cupcake on the front. Then I remembered that doughnuts are the new cupcake. Plus the brilliant magenta hue matches my new Canon SD1200 camera. I can’t wait to flash this baby the next time I’m at Voodoo.

Everyone deserves a hug on Valentine’s Day. And diamonds. But sometimes life hands you salt and pepper instead of diamonds, so you may as well make do. Mint has designed the perfecthugmysalt contraption for someone who needs not only a hug, but somewhere to store their Valentine’s Day salt and pepper. These interlocking huggy shakers symbolize love, affection, brotherhood, and all those great things, and would be a welcome addition to anybody’s dining room table. Plus, if you’re feeling like an overachiever, you can always fill them with diamonds. I think of everything, don’t I??

babyutensilsPerhaps you have some big news for your partner this Valentine’s Day. I mean REALLY big news. If he’s not getting the hint when you pass on the V-Day bubbly, pointedly order two entrees with the explanation that you’re eating for two, and hand him your positive-sign emblazoned peestick when he asks for a coffee stirrer, then maybe you should give him this darling little heart spoon ‘n spork set from Beehive Kitchenware. Because nothing says “I’m preggo, you lout,” like pewter.