New Chocoutique on SE Belmont?

I’ve been accused in the past of seeing, smelling, and tasting chocolate where no chocolate exists. I suppose there are worst hallucinations to be had. But I could just swear there was cacao in the air when I left Slappycakes (SE Belmont & 42nd) Sunday morning, and a few peeks inside the sleek space next door caused a hopeful theobromine rush.

It’s a very pretty setup, and I would have dismissed it as yet another darling Portland boutique if not for the sign lying faceup on the table that read something like Welcome to our Chocolate Boutique. There were no truffles or bars or nibs in sight, but there were plenty of empty serving stands everywhere and silver tubes of chocolate truffle lotion on one of the tables.





The loveliness gave me flashbacks to the weekend trip I took to Chicago a couple years ago, partly because I’d never been and partly because I simply had to lay my eyes upon the royal purple Vosges Chocolate Boutique (Lincoln Park) before I died. Honestly, in case you’re thinking about going sometime, it was one of the highlights of my life. It belongs in Paris. It was that grand. But I digress.

Anyway, maybe I’m the girl who cried chocolate. Maybe this space will be cruelly devoted to different sorts of inedible Truffle Creams and Mousse Masks, a sweetly named non-chocolate-containing heartbreaker like the Sugar Laboratories on NE Broadway, a salon whose sign still gives me heart palpitations every time I drive by–I never seem to learn.

I sure hope not. I’ll keep my eye on the space, and if you know anything about it, please do clue me in.