Noel Marche at Oui Presse

Way up high on my list of Portland happy places is Oui Presse’s front window, with a pot of tea and a warm croissant (yes, they will happily warm your Ken’s croissant for you, and then serve it with butter and apricot jam), so I’m pretty thrilled to be a part of the shop’s annual Noel Marche holiday gift fair tonight.


And even if you don’t want to come see me and Facestuffer Deux (THANKS A HEAP!), or you don’t feel like shopping (HUH? WHAT?!), or you already did all your shopping (SHOW OFF!!), you should just come for the egg nog lattes (YES, EGG NOG LATTES!!!).

noelmarche2013I will be at Noel Marche with my lime green tinsel tree, Best Places To Stuff Your Faces Deux, and an array of Facestuffer iPhone cases. Because I firmly believe you should spend your holidays doing meaningful things, like eating an entire bûche de Noël while watching The Holiday or flying to Venice to shop the Campo Santo Stefano Christmas Market, I have taken the liberty of wrapping your books for you. Actually, I asked my mom to do it, because as I mentioned earlier, she was in town last week and looked pretty bored one day after she’d finished her latest Jodi Thomas romance novel and bought every single item on twice. I gave her six types of wrapping paper to use, and she sniffed loud and long when she got to the Justin Bieber one. “Who wants their book wrapped with that boy’s face?” she scoffed. Well, guess what? At last weekend’s Cookbook Social, guess which wrapping paper was people’s number one pick? That’s right. And, as noted below, it’s not even extra.


Plus, since it’s the holidays, and one of the best things about the holidays is everything being on sale except for the Sorel glitter boots I asked Santa for (figures), I’m having a sale on Facestuffer books and iPhone cases. So, see you tonight at Noel Marche! Did I mention there will be egg nog lattes?!


Oui Presse * 1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd. * 503.384.2160 * * Noel Marche: Fri. 12/13, 6-9pm

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