Pacific Pie Co. Pie-Off

This weekend, Pacific Pie Company is holding their first annual Pie Contest, in honor of National Pie Day. And I get to be a judge, which is really exciting, because I’m very fond of pie, as it falls into one of my favorite food groups–the Foods in a Buttery Crust group.


The pie contest will be held this Sunday, January 22, at PPC’s lovely Southeast Portland pie shop (1520 SE 7th Ave.) and you are invited to participate. The rules are pretty simple: competing pies–Sweet and Savory both welcome–must arrive by 1pm, you can enter as many pies as you want, and it’s free to enter.

Judges include myself, pie blogger Joel Weiler (, pie filling grower Chris Hertel (owner/farmer of Sun Gold Farm in Forest Grove), and pie baking genius Kate Withiam (Pacific Pie Co. Pastry Chef).  You, I mean your pie(s), will be judged based on appearance, taste and consistency of filling, taste and texture of crust, and overall deliciousness.What’s at stake? My happiness, for starters, but beyond that, you can win fun prizes, and the top pie in both the Sweet and Savory category will be featured on Pacific Pie’s February menu. Your mom/grandma/pie coach will be so proud!

What are you supposed to do with this information? Well, you have a few options. I’ve listed them and also made some helpful notes to assist in your decision-making.

1. Show up on Sunday with a pie that you made and enter it in the contest. (Best Option)

2. Show up on Sunday without a pie that you made and just ogle other people’s pies. (2nd Best Option)

3. Stay home on Sunday and watch the raindrops form millions of tiny waterpies on your windows from your perch on the couch. (Lame, Antisocial Option)

So that’s settled. See you Sunday!