Park Kitchen Has a Lot to Say

Park Kitchen doesn’t send out newsletters very often, but when they do, they drop a lot on you at once. Like, that they aren’t going to be serving lunch anymore beginning Dec. 24, but they are going to start serving Pork and Pinot Noir dinners on Sundays, and they’ll be dishing up a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner so you don’t have to go out for Chinese food, and they are starting a BLOG. One more thing–they want you to have a wonderful holiday season too. It’s quite a bit to take in in one reading, but here you go:

parkkitchenextWell, the end of the year festivities are upon us once again and we at Park Kitchen hope that as you reflect back upon the past year, your memories of 2010 are as fond and rosy as ours. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t but don’t dwell on it. We won’t bore you with small talk. We’ve been especially busy this fall planning and scheming on how to ring in the new year. There is a lot to talk about so we’ll get right down to it.

First, let’s talk about Christmas eve. We always get a lot of calls for Christmas eve dinner and we’ve resisted serving it for 8 years. This year Christmas Eve lands on a Friday and we just get itchy if we don’t cook on Fridays. So, Park Kitchen is going to do Christmas Eve Dinner this year. That’s right. We’ll arrange it so you and your family will have to make a minimum of decisions in exchange for a maximum of enjoyment. There will be 2 choices; a 4 course prix fix for $65 or a 4 course chef’s tasting menu for $55. Adam will be shaking an array of incredible Christmas cocktails and Jenny will make sure that there is a wine to suit the discerning oenophile. Make your reservations by phone or on our website. Spaces are going quick so don’t procrastinate. Here’s the menu.

First course
Celery root soup
Chickpea fries and squash ketchup

Second course
Flank steak salad with blue cheese, parsley and sherried onions
Pomegranate, squash, goat cheese, pepita brittle

Black cod, yellow foot chanterelles, pocha beans and red wine sauce
Pork, spaetzle, cranberries, kumquats

Apple and medlar crisp with malted vanilla ice cream
Double chocolate tart with pears and praline

The tasting menu will be full of other surprises.

We’ll be closed for the holidays from the 25th through January 3rd so you’ll have to cook for yourselves for a few days then.

Sometime in the next few days, Park Kitchen will finally drag itself into the new century with the ALL NEW PARK KITCHEN BLOG. We know that we have a ton of very well educated guests who want to know more about why we do what we do. We certainly don’t have room to put all of the stories we need to tell on the back of our menus, besides it’s rude to spend too much time reading a menu while your tablemates play Tetris on their droids. We feel that a BLOG is the most elegant and effective way to tell those stories. Read the PARK KITCHEN BLOG and find out what happens behind our line. We’ve got lots to tell.

When we come back from the holidays is when the fun really starts.

The first thing we are going to do is open on Sunday nights starting on Sunday January 9th. Wow! Why are we doing this? Despite the fact that we like to enjoy our Sunday hangover as much as any Portlander, we know that we must at some point in time get off of our asses and do the right thing. A lot of our regulars have been asking us to open for service on Sunday nights. We can only say no so many times before we start pissing people off, so we’re going to do it and do it right.

Doing it right means…PORK AND PINOT SUNDAYS AT PARK KITCHEN. Pork…because even we here at Park Kitchen get tired of eating delicious vegetables, especially when they can be momentarily replaced by pork from one of our favorite suppliers, Amy and Chris from Square Peg Farm. Pinot because we feel that it’s part of our collective local birthright damnit!

It’s so simple. We supply a generous green salad, a pig-a-licious entree, and a glass of terrific Oregon Pinot Noir to quaff. You supply $30 plus tip. Shaazam! You’re ready for Monday morning. Celebrate the style and ease of PORK AND PINOT SUNDAYS AT PARK KITCHEN.

This next one is the tough one, and we won’t lie. The past few years have been tough on lunch at Park Kitchen. The vast majority of our lunch regulars are business people from downtown. These people have been hit hard by cutbacks and layoffs. We saw the effects of it. We responded by offering lunches for $10 (Yes, including iced tea). We continued to offer what we thought to be the best lunch in town: fantastic produce, and unusual and elegant salads, certainly the best hot dog in Portland. However, while we watched our dinners and Private dining rebound from the economic downturn, lunches were flat.

Here again we decided that we needed to listen to our business and focus our energies on what was working well. Our last lunch will be Friday, December 24th. To our regular lunch customers, (we know who you are) we give our very heartfelt appreciation. We hope you understand that this was a difficult decision for us to make. We really had fun serving lunch. For those of you who are really jonesing, we may keep some house made hot dogs around for happy hour when you get off work. Ask nicely.

That’s a lot of information to digest. Yet we have a lot more to talk about in January. There will be a wine dinner with Shone Schluct on January 28th, a new olive oil dinner with Red Ridge Farm, a dinner with Tony Soter. You’ll have to read about them on THE PARK KITCHEN BLOG.

We hope to see you soon at Park Kitchen.

Have a very safe a wonderful holiday season.