Peeps & Pancakes

olympicprovisionsbenedictAs I am extremely suspicious of any holiday encouraging the suppression of vice and excess, I generally pass on Lent*, but I do like the end of Lent, because everyone who was suppressing culinary vices and excess for 40 days and nights is ready to eat and drink everything in sight, which sounds like a plan, especially considering the proximity of Easter and all its brunches.

Since this is such a popular day of indulgence, it’s high time you plan your Easter Feaster destination, and here are a few of Portland’s tastiest, right over in Under The Table’s brunch section.

According to the weather report, Sunday’s supposed to be nice-ish, so if you’re thinking you might want a spot with a sunny patio and a few Palomas, see this week’s post about secret patio brunching at Xico, and if you want egg hunts and appearances by the Besaw’s Bunny with your Croque Madame, go for Besaw’s.

There are brunch buffets at Urban Farmer, the Benson and Brasserie Montmartre, an Easter mimosa trio (just $5 each!) at Imperial, and rumor of a whole-egg cocktail at din din‘s á la carte Easter brunch. Ruby Jewel is having a carrot hunt with ice creamy prizes, and of course, Pix Patisserie is doing their festive Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza and Easter Sunday Tea. If you’re a late riser, Raven & Rose‘s Easter Supper starts at 3pm.

Pastry lovers–Tabor Bread has hot cross buns, Little T has hot cross buns, malted milk cupcakes and Easter candy brownies, and The Sugar Cube posted a beautiful Easter menu involving vanilla bean bunny shortbread cookies and meringue nests on Facebook.

And if you just want a classic ham Benedict and a plateful of the best pancakes around, with orange butter and chocolate chips, then I’ll probably see you Sunday at Olympic Provisions.


*Just kidding. This year I gave up vodka-soaked Peeps for Lent.


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