Ping Beefs Up Happy Hour

This just in from Ping. Sounds like they are offering even more mouthwatering happy hour delights that you will never get to partake of unless your boss releases you from your Monday-Friday-9-5 prison early. Perhaps you can bribe him with a $5 Kobayashi Hot Dog?

pingbarWe’ve almost doubled our happy hour offerings. From 2:00 to 5:30, Monday to Friday, we’re offering the Spicy Mama Ramen and the Kobayashi Hot Dog for $5 each. It addition there are many of our skewers, the ju pa bao (pork chop on a bun), our salapao (steamed pork bun), and now the satay set. The satay set has one lamb, chicken and beef satay served with peanut sauce and roti, a Malaysian flatbread. We’ve got a selection of beer, sake and cocktails that range from $3 to $5 during happy hour.

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Here’s the menu, if you’re sitting bored and hungry at your desk, and feel like torturing yourself.