Portland Family Adventures

portlandfamilyadventurescoverBefore I started writing about food full-time, I was a teacher. I taught kindergarten and ESL for five years, and before that, I substitute taught grades K-8. You learn a lot as a teacher—like, never turn your back on a five-year-old holding a bucket of dirty paintbrush water, always have twice as many snacks as you think you’ll need, and never wear white, ever (see dirty paint water tip)—but most of all you learn that kids are magic, which is why I had great fun writing the newly-released Portland Family Adventures.

Portland Family Adventures, published by Sasquatch Books, is a guide to Portland’s best family-friendly outings, activities, day trips, and weekend getaways. It’s organized by major attractions (zoo, OMSI, Forest Park), areas of interest (animals, arts & crafts, music, pinball, general mayhem (just kidding, but that probably should have been a category), age group, season, neighborhood, etc. There are step-by-step itineraries, to-dos galore, and even weekend trips if you need to get outta town (like say, this week, because you’ve forgotten what the sun looks like).

One section I was particularly excited about writing, obviously, was the Best Eats, Sweets, and Sips chapter. It’s chock-full of the most delicious and unique kid-approved places to stuff your faces, from Candy Babel to Grilled Cheese Grill to Pip’s Original. After all, here in Portland, it’s not at all unusual for a junior foodie to request their favorite sushi joint by name, or their favorite farmers market strawberry by variety (Hoods).

You can find the book online, or at your favorite local book shop, like Broadway Books or Powell’s. If you’re planning on heading up north, it also has an Emerald City-based sister, Seattle Family Adventures, written by the very clever and creative Kate Calamusa.