Portland Picnic Society in Sunset Magazine

Last September, my fellow Portland Picnic Society members and I partook in a picnic photo shoot for Sunset Magazine. It was so grueling—seven long hours of a perfect late summer day spent languishing in St. Johns’ Cathedral Park, doing this, mostly,


And sometimes this.


Terrible, yes, I know. Actually, I just found an old tweet that sums it up pretty well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 2.39.05 PM

In all seriousness, I was a little too worried about my lemon cream pots’ whipped cream quenelles melting to fully enjoy the moment, but now that the article, written by the marvelous Marnie Hanel, is out and the entire affair is right there in full, delicious color, it does remind me that we had an awfully good time. I’m wearing a Woodblock chocolate bar on my leg, which is irrefutable proof.


You can read the article in the May issue of Sunset magazine, you can see more Portland Picnic Society escapades on our website, and if you simply can’t wait another second before digging your wicker basket out from under the basement dirty laundry pile, flying out the door in a sundress (or rolled up chinos, whatever) and heading for the nearest park, here’s a helpful guide I made for CitysearchSack Lunches & Soggy Heinies: Picnic-Friendly Portland Parks.