Prix-Fixe Brunch at Suzette

If SE Belmont Street had a brunch line seismogram, it would quiver at 14th (hello Roost banana brown bread pancakes!) and 29th (hello Accanto ricotta doughnuts!), and go ape-doody at 32nd (hello Cricket Café Bloody Gary!), 37th (hello Pine State Biscuits gravyache!) and 41st (Slappycakes, enough said), but readings in the bustling 3300 block would remain relatively sedate, with the occasional blip in the region of peaceful (haha) Utopia Cafe and mellow Circa 33.

Suzette exterior

I’m not sure how long that will last, because when the crepe and mimosa-loving masses discover freshly-relocated Suzette Creperie’s marvelous new prix fixe brunch, I envision lines that stretch from the corner of Stumptown’s caffeinated hipster kingdom to the drool-splashed windows of Noun. It’s hard not to develop a habit for this lovable newcomer–the prettily rustic French-themed café is warm and welcoming, the pace relaxed, the cocktails sublime, the crepes exceptional, and the crowd enjoyably diverse—it’s the sort of place you can comfortably escort your children, your grandmother, your significant other, your best friends, or whomever you bonded with last night over a vegan bowl and jar of alcohol at Sweet Hereafter.

The kitchen-facing bar is my preferred spot to sit—there’s something deeply cathartic about watching the tangles of thinly-sliced onion piled into twin cast iron skillets slowly and aromatically transform into deeply-browned caramelized heaps, to be used in crepes or as the DNA for the restaurant’s divine French onion soup. And, you have a front row seat to chef Jehnee Rains and crew’s crepe theater—in the smallest, narrowest space possible, they calmly pour, spread, fill and fold with grace and precision. It’s enough to make you run home afterwards and spend the afternoon Googling crepe griddles, then collapsing into depression because you’re $679 short of your dream Krampouz.

Suzette mimosas

Suzette’s prix-fixe weekend brunch menu (for those opposed to prix fixe confines, the full menu is served as well) is three courses—if you count a mimosa as a course, and I certainly do. As you watch your drink’s construction (perfectly proportioned at 7/8 champagne, 1/8 juice), you’re served a sweet, nutty, delicately-fluted housemade French almond teacake, followed by your choice of two crepes—this past Sunday it was prosciutto, Gruyére and caramelized onion, or roasted mushrooms, chevre, caramelized onion and a mushroom cream sauce—both topped with a still-quivering fried egg and crème fraiche squiggle.

Suzette teacake >>>>>Suzette crepe

All of this is $13 (how lucky), and since the wait for brunch was zero (for now), your personal brunch line rage seismogram is a flatline, which is, as they say, priceless (unlike the Krampouz CGCIP4).

Suzette Creperie * 3342 SE Belmont St. * 503.546.0892 * Brunch Sat/Sun 9am-2pm * Menu