Put a Bull On It: One Year In at Pix

Late last August, on the heels of Pix Patisserie’s 10-year anniversary, owner and executive chef Cheryl Wakerhauser surprised many a macaron and champagne-loving Portlander when she consolidated her popular North Williams Avenue and Division Street cafes into a 3,000-square foot former Christian daycare, sharing the 2200 block of East Burnside with Heart Roasters and the late June.

She planted a few vines out front, built a pétanque court, lined the walls with empty champagne bottles, put a bull on it, and debuted her new concept — a space that’s half Pix, half Bar Vivant, a San Sebastián-style tapas bar where porrons are the reigning vessel and throwing your napkin on the floor isn’t rude, it’s expected. Having just celebrated this delicious duo’s first anniversary, Wakerhauser reflects on the nerves-fraying logistics of moving two restaurants in one day, the virtues of standing while you eat, mythical pétanque-playing frat boys, the financial rewards of being crazy, and where to find the Pyrenees in PDX, in this interview I did for Eater PDX’s One Year In feature, right this way>>