Raclette Wednesdays at Cheese Bar

Ever since I became an ardent green smoothier, I hardly ever get sick. But since the second edition of Best Places To Stuff Your Faces came out last month and I’ve been running around like a headless future coq au vin and neglecting my green smoothie regiment, the other day all my bragging about never getting sick was rewarded with the stirrings of a nasty cold. Naturally, the first sniffle sent me careening towards Walgreens on SE Belmont…and right on past, because I had to get up the street to Cheese Bar‘s Raclette Wednesday before the catarrh fully settled in, obliterating my most important sense’s ability to properly appreciate the wonder of melted raclette cheese.


Every winter Wednesday, from 6-8pm, that great man we all know as the Cheese Whisperer, aka Steve Jones, fires up his gorgeous glowing raclette machine, puts on a wheel, and starts scooping great gobs of silky raclette cheese onto plates of boiled potatoes, accompanied by a pile of sliced Olympic Provisions’ Sweetheart Ham, a dollop of whole grain mustard, and a few cornichons. If you have a tricky relationship with winter, and don’t generally look forward to it except for the parts when you get presents and “snow days” prevent you from getting to work, start patronizing Raclette Wednesdays. It gives winter new meaning, and is a nice way to rebrand Wednesday, which gets tired of just being Hump Day all the time.




The next day, I looked like this.



But what did I care? I’d gotten my raclette in before the worst hit, and had a week to get well before the next installment. Speaking of which, see you tonight. I’ll wear my surgical face mask, and we’ll toast to good health and good cheese.

Cheese Bar * 6031 SE Belmont * cheese-bar.com

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