Sahagun’s Coffee KA-POW!

Whenever I’m loitering in Sahagun Chocolates, scoping out the Luscious Caramels, and owner Elizabeth Montes tells me to wait just a second because she has something for me, I immediately do a little happy dance inside.

Sometimes she gives me a complimentary Sundrop for being the Foursquare mayor of Sahagun, sometimes she shares a sliver of spicy peanut-y dark chocolate bark, and last Sunday, she presented this:


Look at its impossibly dark rich lustrousness. Bet your choco-glands are salivating, right? Except that this isn’t chocolate. Yes, it looks like chocolate, it feels like chocolate, but it’s really KA-POW!

Elizabeth, lovely genius that she is, has created a coffee bar named KA-POW! (It’s fun to say, isn’t it?) It’s processed like a chocolate bar, but with Stumptown Coffee’s Colombia La Esperanza coffee beans instead of cacao. It’s pretty much otherworldy, and one square will leave you with the ability to fly, Red Bull gives you wings-style, to work. You might not be giving up your Barista or Albina Press habit anytime soon, after all there’s something cathartic about your cup of hot steaming morning joe, but I promise you, the KA-POW bar will make you sit up straight and think twice about coffee as you knew it.


KA-POW was created for the recent Slow Food/Ecotrust From Bean to Buzz event, which paired local chocolatiers and coffee roasters. Elizabeth was paired with Stumptown Coffee Roasters and her beloved Claudio Corallo Chocolate.

As Elizabeth put it:

“I wanted to come up with something that I didn’t already make, something that I had never seen before. I wanted to create true union/collaboration between coffee and chocolate. I wanted to make a baby from them so to speak…

KA-POW! has the bold flavor & aroma of coffee with the physicality of chocolate, all while adding no chocolate; a coffee bar. It has a pure coffee bean flavor and a crunchy texture without the unpleasant hardened shards of coffee bean.

After making KA-POW! I then made a backwards bark using KA-POW! as the medium into which I poured unmelted pieces of Claudio Corallo chocolate and nibs: a coffee bean-covered chocolate. This one is still in the works….

in the meantime, KA-POW! has landed! The only way to know it is to taste it.”

Like you needed another excuse to visit Sahagun.