Saint Cupcake’s TOP MOM Mother’s Day Breakfast Giveaway

Sometimes there is a profound rift between what Mom wants for Mother’s Day (a spa week…in Mauritius…alone) and what Mom gets for Mother’s Day (pancake batter on the ceiling and eggshells in the coffee served on her 6am breakfast tray). Well, Saint Cupcake is here to negotiate a compromise with their Top Mom Mother’s Day Breakfast Giveaway.

kidscookIn this contest, anyone–adults and children alike–can nominate their mother to win a catered breakfast by Saint Cupcake Goddess/Owner Jami Curl herself!

How does one evoke this blessed event?

It’s super easy. All you have to do is email Saint Cupcake at, and explain why your mom is THE “Top Mom.” What you write about is up to you–pen a poem,  recall a touching story or memory, or maybe use this as an opportunity to practice your five-paragraph essay so that you can ace the SATs and attend a great college and get a high paying job and move into an apartment of your own so your mom can turn your room into that macramé studio she’s always dreamed of. Then send your entry and cross your fingers for Mom–the winner will be selected on May 7th.

On Mother’s Day morning, the winning mom’s kitchen will be profusely grateful as Jami delivers a full breakfast spread for four–including fresh scones and other baked goodies, fruit salad, Water Avenue coffee, Steven Smith teas and a beautiful floral bouquet from Anna Mara Floral Design. Which is so much better than a spa week in Mauritius! (Don’t give me that look, have you had a warm Saint Cupcake b0nb0nbunbun??)

More info and an original Jami Curl Mother’s Day poem>>

Some fine print:
*All Top Moms must be current residents of Portland to be considered.
*The prize will be delivered on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, and cannot be redeemed as a gift certificate or rescheduled for any other day.