Table For Twelve at Mee-Sen: Fill Your Aching Void With Chicken Wings

This year for Valentine’s Day, Michelle and I did not get what we wanted, even though we asked for very simple things.

Michelle wanted a pink Bentley just like Paris Hilton’s, and for her sewer line not to back up into her basement and for her not to walk down into the basement to do laundry without turning on the light first. I wanted a bulldog puppy with a heart-shaped nose, and a villa in France, preferably one that neighbors the Valrhona family estate.

Having been bluntly denied our hearts’ true desires, Michelle and I were left with a terrible, aching void come Monday. We tried to fill it with champagne, with moderate success. We tried to fill it by watching French Kiss over and over again, with moderate success. We tried to fill it by sneaking the neighbor’s entire litter of eight downy Great Pyrenees puppies into the house right before our boyfriend got home from work and tying red ribbons on their tails and the letters S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E to their respective collars, with negligible success and quite a lot of shouting.

Just when we were so despondent that we almost bought and ate an extra large 50-percent-off Whitman’s Sampler at Walgreens, the solution to our malaise came to us–we needed chicken wings. Because nothing heals the heart, soul, and stomach like hot fried chicken wings.


Until a few months ago, when we thought wings, we thought Pok Pok and Pok Pok alone. But recently, a new wing-love has stolen its way into our affections–Mee-Sen Thai Eatery on North Mississippi. So hot you’d drop them screaming if they weren’t glued to your fingers and lips by a sticky sweet spicy sauce specked with fried basil leaves, these wings inspire “I need another order NOW” lust.

You’ve probably heard some buzz surrounding this rustically stylish little noodle house, tucked into a newish strip mall smack in the center of the bustling North Mississippi shopping and dining funzone. Mee-Sen is turning out some exceptionally good Thai cuisine and if you haven’t yet been yet, here’s your chance–join us at Table For Twelve: Fill Your Aching Void with Chicken Wings, to be held on Wednesday, Feb. 24, at 6:30 pm. We’ll sip Cha Chuck and slurp Guay Tiew Ruar together at a long picnic table in the upstairs loft.

Email me at if you’d like to attend. Last one to RSVP smells like Michelle’s feet!

See you at the table,
Jen & Michelle

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