The Cheese Girl Strikes Again

Cheese Czarina Lisa Jacobs of Jacobs Creamery has big news this week. She’s starting a blog, she’s “rent-able” for parties and private gigs, and she even mentions our upcoming Oregon Cheese Festival adventure this March.

jacobscreamery Hello everyone!

I have finally reclaimed my all girl cheese room and have two shiny new cheese apprentices that I am thoroughly enjoying! Who would have thought! There is so much to do-even in January- we are still running circles around one another.

It was truly a gift to be able to have one of them stir the vat while I sat down with the Nelson Jameson catalog for a shopping spree. Most 20 somethings peruse the Nordstrom catalog with as much enthusiasm, but having already obtained the DG bag and the ubber cool shades I have given myself completely over to NJ and recently ordered (shock) color coded (yellow of course) cleaning utensils and hooks and scrubbies galore. Yes I pride myself in my nicely organized small but tidy production facility and what better way to complement my new colorful polka dotted boots! Its the small things that matter.

I started a blog!! Currently it has had one reader in Texas so please Portlanders and beyond check it out. It has some Moose pictures on it from my recent Milk Moose hunt in Montana.

Since my cheese class was so popular and sold out! the clever folks at Sweetwares created what was un-affectionately labeled as the wait list. Thankfully they didn’t have to wait too long because we have scheduled another class for February 20th! to sign up please call 503.546.3737 to reserve your seat currently we have three seats left (but soon it will be two and then one and then none)

Don’t despair however if you find yourself without a seat, if it’s me you truly want you can rent me. I didn’t know I was rent-able but it appears that I am! Go figure! You can rent me for private parties and I will happily show up with milk in tow and teach you and your reading or knitting group how to whip up some yummy fresh cheeses in your very own kitchen. Its quite fun to be rent-able so please take advantage. I have one private party under my belt and another reading group/future cheese-makers of America party planned in February so holler if you think it would be fun.

Just a mere hop skip and a jump! away is March 20th, the opening day of the PSU farmers market in downtown Portland. Thankfully you don’t have to wait that long for a farmers market since Hillsdale goes twice a month all winter long. The Oregon Cheese Festival in Central Point is also March 20th, here you will find me and my friend Jen who will emerge from under the table ( to be my very smooth talking sharp witted cheese tasting cheese snobbing and cheese robbing assistant. We will be road trippin it down to CP loaded with cheese to co-mingle with other cheese makers and of course Max McCalman for more info check out the site

Hole cheeses! I find that quite funny! I called up my culture company to put in yet another order for cheese cultures and he was shocked to hear that I am now specializing in fresh cheeses and aged cheeses. The result I got was holy jeesus Lisa- which we then simultaneously converted into Holy Cheeses and had a good and mighty laugh (which gave me the hiccups).

Speaking of hole cheeses we will have some new ones at the next market so please come by next Sunday February 6th

Yours always
Cheese Czarina!!!!