The June 2012 Boozy Newsie

You work very hard (stop laughing) and you’re likely due for a sabbatical, which is great timing, because you were going to have to take June off anyway. Why’s that? Because the entire month runneth over with so many do-not-miss Portland booze to-dos, you and your future 30-day hangover simply do not have time for sober pursuits, like, for example, your job.

speakeasy721(FYI: In this particular case, honesty is probably not the best policy when filling out your PTO request, ok?) Now that you’ve cleared the way for a seriously soaked June, start stocking up on tickets to these 11 must-drink events: Portland Rose Festival CityFair, Memorial Weekend in Wine Country, Zoo Brew, Amnesia Single Hop Fest, Firkin Fest, Speakeasy 721, Portland Beer Week, Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Rosé in the Rose City, Portland Cider Summit, and the North American Organic Brewers Fest, all of which I’ve detailed for you over on Eater.